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Unicorn IPO Opportunity + Bitcoin to Dow 100K

Unicorn IPO Opportunity + Bitcoin to Dow 100K

This year produced a red-hot IPO market.

Our IPO Speculator readers scored gains of 478%, 332% and 177% on some of the year’s best initial public offering (IPO) opportunities.

Not only that. The Dow Jones hit 30,000 — a new milestone!

But let me tell you this.

The year 2021 will be even better.

These #BOP (bullish, optimistic, positive) moves signal that big things are coming in 2021. We’re really heading into another year of the roaring 2020s!

Today, I have three predictions to share with you on some Bold Profits favorites:

What’s better: How you can start investing today. It’s a three … two … one … for 2021!

No. 1: A Record 2021 for Unicorn IPOs

For starters, I see more than 300 IPOs in 2021.

Sounds like a LOT, but so far this year there have been 204 public launches.

I believe 2021 will surpass this because as of November there were more than 500 private companies valued over $1 billion around the world.

That’s called a unicorn.

According to Dr. Martin Steinbach, EY Global IPO Leader, one in three unicorns have gone public.

Back in 2011, there were only 16 unicorn IPOs, but in 2019 there were more than 160.

So, as you can see there’s a strong trend for startups that have grown massively to start trading on the public markets.

Among the wall of new tickers coming that I’m watching are:

  1. Robinhood: a stock trading app (It already has a $20 billion IPO valuation).
  2. Chime: provides online banking.
  3. Stripe: digital payment processing for e-commerce businesses.

And as you can see by the descriptions, these are America 2.0 companies that would fit perfectly with our IPO Speculator strategy.

I’ll share more details in future Bold Profits Daily articles as these unfold in 2021.

No. 2: Dow Shakeup — Replace These Blacklist Stocks With America 2.0

You already know we predict the Dow 100K by 2030.

But for my next prediction, I believe another Dow shakeup is coming … soon.

Earlier this year, we saw old-world Blacklist stocks get booted from the Dow and replaced with America 2.0 winners:

Next year I think America 1.0 stocks — Chevron Corp. (NYSE: CVX), Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. (Nasdaq: WBA), and American Express Co. (NYSE: AXP) — will be next to get tossed out.

I predict these America 2.0 all-stars will replace them in the Dow:

  • Tesla Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA)
  • Teladoc Health Inc. (NYSE: TDOC)
  • Square Inc. (NYSE: SQ)

When you compare these two groups, the old-world ones have yet to make new all-time highs.

Yet, TSLA, TDOC, and SQ have all made new highs in the past few months.

This not only tells you the demand for America 2.0 tickers is high, but also these disruptive stocks are taking market share from their respective America 1.0 counterparts.

In order for the Dow to reach 100K, it’ll need to rip out the old and put in the new.

No. 3: Bitcoin in the Dow

My last prediction is that I believe one of the Dow 30 companies will invest in bitcoin.

By doing so this puts bitcoin into the Dow Jones Index.

Square has already invested $50 million into bitcoin, so if it were put into the index that knocks out two of my 2021 predictions with one stone.

With bitcoin being part of the Dow, it’ll help to push the index to the six-figure mark.

Plus, if you watched yesterday’s IanCast, you know Ian predicts bitcoin will hit $115K by August.

As of the last quarter, the Dow companies have a little more than half a trillion in cash. Just 1% of that cash put into bitcoin would result in a little over 253,000 or $5 billion worth of bitcoins at today’s valuation.

If Ian’s prediction comes true, that would turn that $5 billion into $29 billion.

That might not seem like a lot when you look at the Dow’s $9.5 trillion market cap. But it would certainly send a signal throughout the market of the power of the digital asset.

And that will be good for you if you invest in the Dow’s America 2.0 shakeup.

How to Invest for 2021!

There are three ways you can come out on top if (when!) my predictions come true.

First, I find one of the best ways to play the IPO market without constantly having to watch it like a hawk is to invest in the Renaissance IPO ETF (NYSE: IPO).

This basket of nearly 50 newly debuted tickers is filled with many America 2.0 stocks that are rocketing higher.

The IPO ETF made an all-time high this past week, which is a strong signal there’s a ton of demand in the space.

Then, one way to capture the action of bitcoin and other cryptos is to invest in the underlying technology powering the digital asset class — blockchain.

For that, I recommend Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF (NYSE: BLOK). It’s another ETF with more than 50 stocks … some that have already invested in bitcoin.

By buying BLOK you have a chance to profit from bitcoin’s rise, as well as the advancement of blockchain technology.

But I have another option for you.

See, Paul took his bitcoin prediction to the next level this week. In three to five years, he predicts bitcoin will jet up to $250,000.

Paul has already recommended one of the most unique ways to buy bitcoin with a stock play that is already almost up 97% in the open model portfolio.

But he recently did a first for Profits Unlimited. He recommended an actual cryptocurrency.

Since this is new for his readers, he put together a brand-new special report to get them ready for a new investment vehicle. Blockchain — and the cryptos it supports — is going to be a new standard in America 2.0.

To see his blockchain prediction — and how you can get this report plus his top crypto plays for 2021 — just click here for all the details.

While I don’t have an actual crystal ball, I’m still very #BOP 2021 will be a stellar year for IPOs, the America 2.0 Dow and bitcoin!

Happy investing,

Patrick Goodrich

Patrick Goodrich

Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

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