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TSLA, Space, Bitcoin & Pot: 2021’s BREAKOUT Stocks


Finally! We made it! Welcome 2021.

This is going to be an incredible year for us because America 2.0 is breaking out.

Already, our stocks are going straight UP.

And one of our biggest predictions for 2021: Space.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has been inspiring. And there’s more to come.

Paul even put a new report together on the 3 space stocks set to dominate the next decade. (Read it here.)

Then, keep reading to see how space falls in line with our breakout stock predictions for THIS year including TSLA, bitcoin and cannabis…

It feels like there are two speeds in the market.

FAST: Our America 2.0 stocks are basically going up in a straight line. Some of our equal-weighted portfolios are up around 60%, 85% this year … with one heading to 200%!

SLOW: Yet, America 1.0 stocks are doing the opposite and starting to fall.

The market always looks forward. And that’s what we’re recommending for you in 2021.

Exciting innovation is on the horizon. And we’re sharing our top predictions that are set to go full speed ahead (UP!) next year: TSLA, space stocks, bitcoin $115K, and my favorite cannabis ticker:

America 2.0 Stocks are Soaring

Right now, it feels like there are two speeds in the stock market. Our stocks continue to go up. The Profits Unlimited equal-weighted portfolio is up 60%. True Momentum is up 80% or 85%. Extreme Fortunes is up nearly 200%.

However, none of this feels excessive.

It’s been a split all year, but especially within the past couple of months. America 2.0 stocks are going up basically in a straight line. The market has gone up a little bit but recently it’s been flat. Most of the stocks in our portfolios are doing very well.

This is something we have been anticipating, investing for and telling people about across all our services for four years. We have gotten some advantage from focusing on stocks of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and America 2.0, but 2020 has supercharged it.

It has been such a crazy time, but a time of huge advancement in technology across pretty much every industry. I think we’re going to see fast developments — and we’ve talked about them before — in industrials through 3D printing, automation and things like that.

It affects a whole bunch of other industries because there are a lot of moving parts that go into manufacturing, including semiconductors. It’s a time of rapid advancement. Not only in manufacturing but also finance and how people purchase things.

Biotech with the development of mRNA vaccines is a revolution in medicine. It’s been a wide advancement along a lot of sectors.

In truth, from having followed a lot of this, it’s like we had this bear market for innovation, the adoption of new technology and the stock markets went on a Warren Buffett kick. They only wanted sure things. They only wanted things that were guaranteed to be perfect.

Really they destroyed most innovation-based companies and were unwilling to support them for nearly two decades. Kudos to all the people who kept pushing and developing these new technologies forward and never gave up on them.

In some cases, they put a lot of personal income, time and resources into it. Now, that has acted like a coiled spring — two decades is a lot. Now we’re seeing the benefit of that. This is why I think we’re going to continue seeing it for a long time.

Many people are calling it a bubble and all these things. However, we just see the beginnings of a normalization process for these companies.

A lot of the calls I have seen for a bubble cite things like price-to-sales or price-to-earnings, but it’s really a different thing we are seeing now than what we have seen for the past two decades.

The market is actually pricing in how big these future industries are going to be that haven’t fully developed yet. They are deciding who the leaders are going to be in those industries and the market share they expect the companies to have.

Rather than judging a company based off the sales it’s had in the past year, it’s looking five or six years out and asking what the industry is going to be and what market share this company is going to have.

The market looks forward. The more confidence it has in the outlook, the further out it looks. Which is why oftentimes when you get a general consensus that this is a great company to own, the vast majority of the upside is in.

This is the biggest difference between regular investors and professional investors. Professional investors are really aware of this. Whereas many regular investors are being done a disservice by how poor our financial media is today and what they choose to focus on and the click-baityness of what they put forward.

SpaceX’s Success – Despite the Media’s False Narrative

Anyone who saw the video of SpaceX and that SN8 Starship go up and knows what’s going on, knows they intended for that rocket to get to its limits. It went into space, belly-flopped — this is an eight-story building that’s flying.

It flew and almost made it down. The media made it sound like some terrible thing happened. Elon Musk said the best shot of it happening was one-third. They never told people that. They are effectively lying to people to give people the idea things are terrible.

I believe a lot of this is a function of how people are getting their information.

That’s was one of the most impressive things we’ve had in the aerospace industry since we went to the moon. SpaceX has brought a lot of that to the forefront, but the media likes to rag on them as much as possible. They focus on the worst possible things, like they did with Tesla.

They act as if they are unaware of facts that, if you just dig one layer below, are available. Nonetheless, a lot of people do believe that the media has their best interests in mind, when they do not. Speaking of space, I agree with you. It was incredibly inspiring.

I’m certain that 30 or 40 years from now this will be the moment where people will say they believed we can be an interplanetary species. I made my Bold Profits this week on space. So go check that out. While I’m saying that, please support our channel by subscribing to it.

The Impact of Manufacturing Technologies

The final thing I’d like to discuss going on in the stock market is manufacturing.

We are now finally coming back to manufacturing ourselves, making things ourselves. SpaceX makes 40% of their parts using 3D printing.

Other companies are building rockets are aiming to make it 100% 3D printed rockets. It’s a huge trend in the space industry and a lot of airlines are using 3D printed parts as well.

That’s a part of the stock market that is still somewhat unthought about as being in a bull market. We are all in across all our services on 3D printing. We are looking for manufacturing technologies because we believe this is the future.

It’s going to be huge and it’s going to be incredibly profitable to your portfolio. We are bullish, optimistic, positive (BOP) on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, America 2.0 and our stocks.

The one way Ian has mentioned a lot is the S&P 500 equal weighted which has the ticker RSP. I have also mentioned the Russell 2000 index which has a lot of small companies in it. These indices are far outperforming the S&P 500.

If you want better exposure to these companies and better performance, check out our Profits Unlimited service, as well as our e-letter Bold Profits Daily which costs you nothing.

Get access to our incredible stable of analysts who are writing about the Fourth Industrial Revolution and America 2.0 all the time, including Bitcoin and crypto.

The World of Crypto is Exploding

It’s remarkably quite considering Bitcoin just went to an all-time high. Even before that, the hype when Bitcoin rallied 60% in October/November was really quiet. Not a lot of people are talking about it. Not a lot of people have bought in.

I just checked the number of addresses with 0.1 Bitcoin and there’s still only 8.5 million. A lot of people still haven’t bought in. That will fuel this next rally.

It’s beginning to take hold in so many ways. Liquidity is pushing in from institutional buyers. Companies like JP Morgan. What did Jamie Dimon say? He said it was a fraud if I am remembering correctly.

Microstrategy has bought Bitcoin, Square has bought Bitcoin, MassMutual has bought $100 million of Bitcoin. There’s a lot of institutional buying coming in. It’s going to facilitate the development of all these DeFi coins and applications I know you are heavily involved in.

If I had to pick a crypto that people would be able to easily use and understand in terms of application it’s Uniswap. It’s basically an exchange where you can swap any tokens or cryptocurrencies. It’s really easy to use. It’s a decentralized exchange, which means all the tokens traded are provided by other people who want to earn trading fees.

It’s like a community that could be compared to an old market where a bunch of people bring food and people buy the food. Everybody that brought the food gets a cut based on how much they brought. That’s a decentralized exchange right now that’s doing $10 billion in volume per month.

It’s impressive. I think they even had a higher volume than Coinbase a couple months ago. It’s rapid innovation. It’s also adoption of DeFi which is decentralized finance.

It’s also peer-to-peer finance in the sense that there’s no middle man, other than Uniswap. It’s both a cryptocurrency as well as an exchange and platform.

There’s no corporate hierarchy. All the coins are supplied by users and all the volume is driven by users. The fees in between get paid out to the people who are supplying the coins. It’s a win on both ends.

It reminds me a little bit of mutual association. Some insurance companies are organized in this way. The people who use the insurance also become owners. Then if there is excess profits they are pushed back out as a rebate to the people who insure with the insurance company.

So there are some similarities to some of the older business models, except this one is all digital. Also, it eliminates many of the costs associated with older models. This is digital. The amount of volume that can go through it is significant. It’s cheap to access. All you need is the internet.

The world of crypto is exploding. We are BOP on Bitcoin, Ethereum and the unfolding world of crypto. We believe it is going to wipe out the existing financial monetary structure and replace it with things that are cheaper, more efficient and give people around the world more access.

The vast majority of the existing financial system is locked away from as much as 65% to 70% of the world in real terms.

Uniswap is just one example of that. It’s going to be a huge development over the next five to seven years — if that long at all. A lot of these decentralized platform run on Ethereum, so Ethereum is benefitting from all this too.

By August [2021], my prediction is Bitcoin is going to hit $115,000. I made that prediction last August so it’s like a one-year span prediction.

Paul Mampilly has two predictions. He believes Bitcoin will be at $250,000 in the next one to three years and that Ethereum can get to $4,000 in a year.

Aphria and Tilray Mega-Merger

Two of the biggest cannabis companies in Canada — Aphria and Tilray — are merging. Aphria is actually buying a bunch of Tilray stock but it’s going to be listed under the Tilray ticker, TLRY. It’s a huge combination. It’s the biggest deal we’ve seen from one marijuana company buying another.

Combined, they are going to be the top cannabis company in the world based on revenue. It’s a huge deal. When we see big deals like this it’s a sign there’s a lot of activity in the market. Companies think other companies are cheap, which is a fantastic sign if they are willing to spend millions and billions of dollars.

It means investor sentiment is picking up very quickly.

From a demand and supply, Going Upness perspective — our system of picking stocks — it also means there’s now one less stock for cannabis investors to buy. There are very few cannabis stocks in total. In terms of being investable, you can count maybe only 30 or 40.

So it eliminates one company in there and consolidates that industry. We need that industry to have a couple bigger players. Canopy Growth is a big player, this now becomes a big player. That’s a sign of maturity of the industry and a more organized way of going through growth.

It’s going to make the stocks of these companies more attractive. It’s going to draw institutional buying, which is going to bid the stocks higher.

These companies have been beaten down so much over the past couple of years. Aphria and Canopy had made 52-week highs recently. So there is life starting to come back into this sector. There’s still so far to go. Just based on the hype cycle of 2016 and 2017, I think those highs are going to be well surpassed over the next year or two.

Adding to news flow and development of these companies, New York’s governor is saying they are being hit pretty hard. People are exiting New York. They have a huge hole to fill. One of the ways they can do this is to spur the development of cannabis.

That’s going to be true for any number of states that are facing a tax hit as a result of the new environment in which we work, existing industries changing and change of populations. That’s all going to act as a catalyst for more money coming to push into this sector.

It’s better for this industry because it means they can now operate like a regular business. In the end, we are BOP on cannabis. We definitely got in early. We have sat through the crash and the post crash. We believe cannabis is going to have a good year.

My prediction for ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF (NYSEArca: MJ) for 2021 is that it will reach $40 a share. Right now it’s around $16 or $17. So that’s more than a 100% gain from here until the end of next year.

Just understand, our predictions are given on our understanding of the facts, our knowledge and expertise. They are not guarantees or investment advice.

They are definitively not a call for you to make all-in bets based on what we are saying. We are human beings. We get things wrong and make mistakes. Nonetheless, we know people like us to give these predictions. This is one reason we do it.\

Tesla is Not Going to Crash

This was on Yahoo! Finance:

“Tesla is a prime candidate to see its stock plummet after it enters the S&P 500, analyst says.”

I didn’t even have to read the article to know what the objections are.

I have seen so many things about this. It’s the same deal as with the stock split. Everyone thought it was going to crash. It went down for a little bit. It stayed flat, but then it surged again once the S&P announcement came through. It might temporarily go down again after it gets added to the S&P 500.

But it’s not going to plummet, crash or anything these perma-bears on Tesla think it’s going to do. It’s here to stay. It’s one of the most innovative companies at its scale in the market right now. It has so many projects working in its favor. I don’t think there is any long-term crash in the stock price.

Also, this circles back to the point I was making earlier. The financial media does a disservice to people. The guy that they cite, the “analyst,” has been wrong on Tesla from the very beginning. It’s a guy named Gordon Johnson who has been wrong on the stock permanently.

He cites the same things again and again. Now, it’s on to a new idea as to why Tesla is going to crash. However, in the headline it doesn’t say “Analyst who has been wrong the whole time on Tesla.” They are not telling you that. We’re putting this up because there’s a lot going on with Tesla.

The gigafactory in Berlin is getting to completion. The Model Y is being produced in Shanghai. Elon has talked about releasing full self driving to pretty much everybody next year. It’s really going to rock people’s worlds.

You are going to start to see these Model 3s, Model Ys and Model Ss on the road where the car is driving. It’s going to be a visible sign of change.

From personal experience, I have seen a lot of Teslas recently more and more and I live in the middle of nowhere. The reach of Tesla is everywhere in the country. The release of the Model Y and the Cybertruck — bigger vehicles are usually more popular in the U.S. It’s going to make that growth exponential.

The only big scale car they have right now is the Model 3. The Model Y is getting there. Just in their auto business their growth is going to be crazy over the next three or four years at least.

Just to reiterate, we are still BOP on America 2.0 stocks. We would tell you that the calls for a crash maybe might apply to the ExxonMobils and Wells Fargo of the world, but we believe everything that’s going on is normal.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and crypto, we are BOP. Tesla, yes, it’s going to go in the S&P 500 and there will be some reaction to it. However, we have gone through a lot with Tesla and we are still BOP on Tesla. The same with cannabis.

Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend.


Ian Dyer

Ian Dyer

Editor, Rapid Profit Trader

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