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“TSLA Was Obvious. What’s Next?”

“TSLA Was Obvious. What’s Next?”

We get the question all the time. Tesla Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA) was obvious. So what’s next?

The truth?

We’re already invested in the next “obvious” stocks.

You see, innovation and change are in the air. We call it America 2.0.

Industries like transportation, energy, housing, food supply and even new industries like space are transforming into something set to thrive in the new world.

Tesla did it with electric vehicles, new energy and more.

Our other mega trends will do it next.

Our time is now. Be Strong Hands. Be #BOP (bullish, optimistic, positive)! Invest in America 2.0 today for the next obvious winner:


Amber Lancaster:  Welcome, Main Street stock investors, to Market Talk Monday on the Paul Mampilly YouTube channel, the home of Bold Profits Strong Hands Nation. I am Amber Lancaster. Thank you for tuning in this week. Today, Paul is joining us to share his latest market insights and answer some general market questions we received over the last week.

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Good morning. Good to see you as always.

Paul Mampilly: Good morning, Amber. How are you?

Amber: Doing well.

Paul: How is Alex back there? Alex, notice I wore a Doge shirt for you. Thanks for having me on. Market Talk is beginning to crush it with thousands of views every week. It’s pretty awesome. You know what’s going on is that I believe our readers are starting to see the power of America 2.0 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Tesla Still Cruising Along

Tesla has been a big part of Profits Unlimited. I have no idea what happened to that video of us. Remember when we had that Model X? I remember seeing you speed off in it. That’s what Tesla stock is like now. It’s on a parabolic run. Nobody imagined that after 2020 and 2021.

All the wise guy traders were writing to me and telling me how the stock was going to get crushed. The thing is, anybody actually involved with Tesla and not just looking at it through charts could see there were massive things going on.

They are now sold out until I believe sometime in the second quarter of next year for the vast majority of cars. Who knows about the Powerwalls, which is their energy business. It really gets very little attention and, thus far, is generating small amounts of revenue. However, that’s going to be a takeoff moment.


Oil Prices On The Rise

Actually, just to go back a few steps, you have been reporting on this on Market Talk. I have been looking at high oil prices and some of these pictures of empty shelves. It’s sort of like a mini panic about inflation in the markets. I think for people dealing with it in real life it’s genuinely painful.

When I look at these high oil prices and the fact that we have empty shelves and if you are very locked into buying something, you might be paying a significantly higher price than last year or you might be waiting a couple of years. It really goes to the heart of America 2.0 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

What really marks all of these things? Oil has to be about the most America 1.0, old world commodity you can imagine. The big surprise if anybody is looking at the high oil price is what oil companies are planning to do about it: nothing. The reason for that is that they all know oil is on its way out.

They are actually making investments into new energy. That tells you by itself that this price rise is temporary. What it’s actually doing is accelerating investments into America 2.0 and Fourth Industrial Revolution and, in this case, new energy.


Beyond Meat Vs Farm?

When you compare something like Beyond Meat to a farm, Beyond Meat can scale up in a way a farm cannot. For one, for a farm you would need a lot of land. Then you would need to set it up so it consumes an extraordinary number of resources. As you do that, the costs rise.

The signature element to any new energy or really any America 2.0 company, technology or service is that they are so new that as they scale up the per unit cost goes down and keeps going down. We are so early that this can continue for many years if not decades.

What is going to happen? Over time, I believe what you are going to see is massive substitution start to happen in the market for goods. Over time you will see the cost of Beyond Meat “meat” be cheap enough where people will start to substitute for regular meat.

3D Printed Now Making Houses

Once again, you can see the solution to a lot of the issues we have going is more America 2.0, more Fourth Industrial Revolution. I actually saw that in many cities housing is so unaffordable that there is a genuine housing crisis. People can’t afford a place to live.

I saw in Austin, Texas, they are planning to put up an entire neighborhood of 3D printed houses. Right now they are sort of cost competitive. Right now they are a little pricier than something that is made in the old fashioned way. However, if you apply that same logic, as you scale 3D printed housing projects up, the cost per unit declines.


What’s Next With 2.0 Stocks?

And it will keep declining. You can see the answers to a lot of the issues we are currently experiencing that the media is talking about — the media is addicted to doom, gloom, pessimism, negativity, bearishness — it’s through our companies and we are all in.

We are all in on this bullish, optimistic, positive future. The future runs through our companies and we are all in. Tesla is just a taste of what is coming. I tweeted this morning — I haven’t got these tweets yet, but they are coming. “OK Paul, fine, people made money with Tesla, but that was so obvious. What’s next?”

I tweeted that just like Tesla seems obvious today, so many of our companies will seem so obvious looking out one, three, five, seven years. We are going to have an astonishing number of winners. The folks who are out there talking are experts in a previous generation of the world.

That world has not quite passed, but it’s passing. Maybe a year ago it was at the 30% mark, but I think now we are past the 50% mark. We are now transitioning in a big way in the energy part of human life, which is huge. There’s transportation, food, the creation of new industries like space.

This thing is at a takeoff moment. We are at that moment of hockey stick adoption. It means massive gains for our stocks, America 2.0 and Fourth Industrial Revolution. I said on our update, “What an amazing time to be alive.” There is change, innovation and new technology all around us.

We have rockets that are going up into space and coming back. That’s just astonishing. This is beyond science fiction. People only imagined that. I believe Jeff Bezos’ space company, Blue Origin, was talking about putting up a hotel or a colony in space where people go to visit.

I am certain this is going to become a reality over the next seven to 10 years. As you know, we are all in on space. Things are going our way. There are always going to be moments like what we experienced in 2021. It will never be a straight line. It will never be that easy.

If you want easy gains, you know what I say: We are the wrong people for you. This is the wrong channel. Move on and find someone else. However, if you are bullish, optimistic, positive, if you are a believe in America 2.0 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, this is where you should be.

I am very, very, very — have I said very enough? — bullish, optimistic, positive for what I believe is going to unfold, even though I am aware of all the headlines that are filled with doom and gloom telling you how the world is going to end at any moment. How you should clutch onto your cash that is making you 0.1%.

I don’t know, what do savings accounts even generate today, Amber?

Amber: 0.05% is the latest I saw. So not too much.


What’s Going On In Crypto?

Paul: Meanwhile, another part of America 2.0 is also in takeoff mode: crypto. You can now begin to see the end of the banking system as we know. It’s at that 40-50% mark. You can see those crypto solutions that are better and are coming for it. Insurance? Forget about it. Gone.

Mortgages as we know them? Also gone. There are crypto coins that really have the underpinnings of solving these kinds of problems in a much more efficient way, safer way, cheaper way and faster way.

I just recently had a deal work out with someone where, as a result of a number of miscommunications, it turns out the deposit he made didn’t happen on time. So of course his check that I had deposited, my bank said the money wasn’t there. With crypto, all this is gone.

Bottom line: There is a new world unfolding at rapid speed. America 1.0 is being left behind more and more. It’s becoming clearer with each passing day. Now we see it with EVs. People are beginning to see it with crypto. When self-driving cars start to go around people will say, “I can’t believe what I am seeing.”

Once Elon Musk and SpaceX take Starship — this big 20 story building — into the sky and bring it back. But by then, the biggest gains — just like Tesla. I was just going back and reading comments on our early Tesla videos. One person’s comment struck me.

This was from about two years ago. This was pre-split. He said, “I bought Tesla for $235 and I sold it for $255.” Then he said, “I never expected it to surge higher. Do you ever think it will go below $300?” This is the trap of so many people who read too much of the wise guys who claim they know everything.

They are going to go in and out and they are going to miss out. Just like Tesla, just like Bitcoin and many America 2.0 companies. Be strong hands. Be BOP. That’s what I have for you for this Market Talk.

Should You Shorten Your Stocks?

Amber: I appreciate your words of encouragement and focus. I do have two questions that came in last week. Curt S. follows us on Twitter. Hello Curt. Thank you for writing in.

“Yesterday I looked up your Blacklist of old world stocks. I was thinking of shorting them, but most are already down. Speaking of which, have you thought of offering a shorting newsletter with put buying? I guess long-term puts would be the key.”

Paul: The Blacklist is something that we talk about all the time. These are the stocks we avoid. I see zero reason to take valuable capital when you can make 10 times your money or 100 times your money.  The maximum you could make with shorting is it going to zero over many years.

In my judgement, this is a terrible way to invest your capital. To spend all your time wishing for something to go is the opposite of being BOP. We want to spend our time on being bullish, optimistic, positive rather than rooting for something to go down.

I am not. I am just focusing on the facts as they come in. The facts as they come in say there is a new world unfolding. The other world, as I like to say, the destination is certain, only the time is unknown. In terms of my capital, all my money is betting on America 2.0 and Fourth Industrial Revolution.

I don’t have a single thing that’s short in any way. In my judgement, it’s not a good use of someone’s time, money or resources.


Why Does Paul Recommend Coinbase?

Amber: The next question is regarding the cryptoverse. David wrote in and said,

“I know Paul uses Coinbase for trading crypto. Can we use to buy and sell crypto recommendations? Thank you and say hello to Alex.”

Paul: Alex, I have successfully put to sleep before this even ended. You mentioned this question to me and I went and looked it up before Market Talk. Uphold, there’s a company called Voyager or other companies even prior to this, Kraken is one out there and one or two others.

The reason I would tell you Coinbase is superior is because Coinbase’s security systems are insane. While there have been phishing attacks and things like that, they have never actually had their entire system broken through. They offer high level security.

Hacking is a genuine issue with crypto. No different than the early days of banking where bank robbers were an issue. Keeping your crypto assets safe is critical. While Coinbase fees are high relative to others, they offer very high-level security. They also have a vault where you can set crypto aside.

It takes 48 hours before you can take your crypto out. It must be confirmed by email. They have a lot of protections out there. Their user interface is fantastic. Also, they offer way more coins than any of the other newer competitors out there. They also have variations on their products.

They have a standalone wallet you can use. It has a swap mechanism that allows you to buy into smaller coins that our incredible colleague, Ian Dyer, uses in Crypto Flash Trader. They also have Coinbase Pro if you are trading. I want to say I don’t trade crypto.

I am a buy and hold investor. I have swapped one thing for the other, but for the most part I have bought and held. I have been strong hands through insane amounts of volatility in crypto. That’s what I would tell you.

They seem like reasonable options, but being that security is an issue with crypto, simply going with the cheapest one or the newest one, you may be taking your chances. I can tell you that from experience. I did have an account with a company called Cryptopia. It was hacked and I lost all my assets.

My account went down to zero. I would tell you this is something most people don’t think about. I want to make it clear we get no money from [Coinbase]. This is just being offered as my opinion and information. This is not investment advice of any kind, neither is anything said on this channel.

This is all for information and is opinion. Amber, anything else we should talk about?

Amber: That’s it for this time around. Thank you so much, Paul.

Paul: Thanks for doing an awesome job. Market Talk is crushing it. I look forward to coming back again. Hopefully you will have me soon.

Amber: Definitely. Have a great day ahead. A big thank you to Paul for joining us on Market Talk Monday. If you are not yet a member of Paul’s Profits Unlimited stock newsletter, come join us. Get Paul’s latest recommendations on investments with an America 2.0 focus and Fourth Industrial Revolution take.

Paul’s investing mantra is straight forward. In October 2018, he recommended Profits Unlimited members buy shares in Tesla. Members who followed his recommendation are sitting on open gains of over 1,600%. As Paul tweeted this morning,

“Just like Tesla seems ‘obvious’ our stock and crypto recommendations and America 2.0, Fourth Industrial Revolution outlook will be obvious soon.”

We are #BOP. Right now Paul has about 38 companies in his forward-looking portfolio. If you want to follow Paul’s stock recommendations, don’t delay. You can visit us at to sign up for Paul’s stock research service.

It’s about $49 to $100 per year to gain access to Paul’s recommendations through Profits Unlimited. Lastly, turning toward the U.S. economic calendar week ahead, there are six major economic releases we can look forward to.

That concludes this week’s Market Talk. Thank you for tuning in and watching. Until next time, take care.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

Editor’s Note: Go Tesla Go! We’ve hit another HUGE benchmark. Profits Unlimited readers are up more than 1,600% in Tesla.

If you bought in 2018 when Paul recommended it, you’re up 16 times your money. But if you think it doesn’t get any better than this … just wait.

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