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TSLA $1,000 This Year … Are You Ready?

TSLA $1,000 This Year … Are You Ready?

What an earnings report!

Move over, General Motors (GM) and Ford. Tesla is on a run.

We never doubted it.

You wouldn’t know it from the media’s criticism of Elon Musk and his company. But there are three big reasons Tesla is on track to have a $1,000 stock by year’s end — and $4,000 in no time!

In today’s Bold Profits Daily Iancast, Paul and I reveal the key reasons Tesla is leaving traditional automotive manufacturers in the dust.

In addition, check out today’s video to learn:

  • What’s behind TSLA’s triple and why the company’s margins will be 10 times what GM and Ford had at their peaks.  (0:24 – 14:50)
  • The surprising factor — tied to what Paul calls “America 2.0” — that is boosting bitcoin and a smart crypto play to profit from it. (14:52 – 26:00)
  • What’s igniting the nation’s “new vice economy” and the white-hot housing market, and how to get in on all the action. (26:06 – 27:35)


Ian Dyer

Editor, Rebound Profit Trader

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