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“Strong Hands” Pocket Triple-Digit Gains Despite Market’s Tariff Jitters

“Strong Hands” Pocket Triple-Digit Gains Despite Market’s Tariff Jitters

A few big things happened this week that put a hurt on the markets, which is why we saw some crazy ups and downs.

First, the misconstrued Fed announcement rocked markets. Then, the trade war heated up again. And earnings season is always a volatile time.

But throughout it all, Paul Mampilly and his Bold Profits team have ignored the naysayers in the media who are misleading you. This allows our “strong hands” nation to hold our positions for big gains.

You see, we believe good things will come with new-world companies that will not fall victim to tariff jitters, even as so many old-world stalwarts are seeing their fortunes wash away.

Our tech stocks are reaching new highs almost every day. The new-energy companies we track are replacing the old-energy stocks doomed to fail. And our fintech innovators are leading the way to leave old-money ways behind.

That’s how we’re dealing with the market volatility — by identifying the best ways to “play the dip” by buying into superstar companies and stocks that aren’t vulnerable to the day-to-day rise and fall of the markets.

We believe there’s a lot of market gains still yet to come this year.

Some of Paul Mampilly’s strongest gains for readers, profiting through market peaks and valleys, come from his True Momentum strategy. Gains of 124%, 131% and 141% are just the start. Click here to find out more.

Week in Review

Monday, July 29: This week, Paul Mampilly and Amber Lancaster want you to know that Yes, We’re in a Bubble — It’s Not What You Think. The media want us to believe that we’re currently in an economic bubble, but the data and the market tell a different story. Click here to see where the real market bubble is.

Tuesday, July 30: Paul reveals in his video how you can Invest in the New Energy Mega Trend for 55% Profit. Today, most of us never leave the house without a smartphone. But there’s a new wave of tech that’s about to change the way we use these devices forever. Click here to find out what that new trend is.

Wednesday, July 31: Amber wants you to Jump in Now on New Digital Twin Technology’s 800%-Plus Surge. The market for digital twin technology, which creates digital products before they are built in the real world, is poised to grow more than 842% by 2025. But there’s one phenomenal tool that leverages this mega tech trend opportunity that you can jump on today. Click here to discover how.

Thursday, August 1: Ian Dyer gives you the No. 1 Way to Profit From the 973% Cryptocurrency Rally. The millennial movement is taking the crypto world by storm, as about 88% of millennials want to own crypto as an investment, and 42% would use it as savings. Click here to read why crypto isn’t a fad or a bubble, and how you can invest.

Friday, August 2: Nick Tate is back this week to offer you a Fintech Fix for Capital One-Like Cyber Hacks to Surge 1,842%. This week’s Capital One hack spotlights a great investment strategy that leverages blockchain technology that could mean the end of risky credit card and bank account hacks. Click here to read more.

And in this week’s update video, Ian talks about This Week’s Market Crash — 1 Stock to Buy Now. He goes into detail on what Jerome Powell’s Fed announcement actually means and how these actions compare to what led to the 2008 crash. He also reveals a great investment to make you money during this time. Click here to watch and find out what he recommends.


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