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Trade of the Decade: Best Way to Profit from 2020’s New Industrial Revolution

Trade of the Decade: Best Way to Profit from 2020’s New Industrial Revolution

With the new year just around the corner, I want to make sure you know about the BIGGEST phenomenon in the 2020 market forecast.

I call it America 2.0.

This new industrial revolution will create opportunities in all of our mega trends.

That’s why investing in America 2.0 is the trade of the decade and could create generational wealth for you and your family … starting now.

Check out this week’s Market Talk to find out the best way to profit from this lollapalooza:

The Internet of Things is about to go to the next level in America 2.0. I’m constantly watching for the latest news and updates as this revolution unfolds. You can follow it all with me on Twitter @MampillyGuru.

First of all, I want to wish all of you a happy new year and a profitable 2020. It’s the beginning of a new decade and I believe the next 10 years will be filled with opportunity and prosperity!

Comment below and let us know what you’ve experienced in 2019 and what you’re looking most forward to in 2020. What am I most exited about? Well of course, I’m looking forward to the coming of the remaking of America. Mt 2020 market forecast is optimistic.

America 2.0

America 2.0 is what I call the coming cultural, technological and economical shift. This is what I am most excited about: it’s an investment strategy for 2020 that I will be discussing often.  In many ways, America 2.0 is really what I have been calling a Lollapalooza Effect.

The full picture or final result of the America 2.0 revolution / Lollapalooza Effect is still far from realized. But we are getting there. The first wave of this revolution has long since begun.

Examples of America 2.0

Many people today have smart thermostats, some folks have Teslas that can drive and park themselves. Others are implementing smaller things like smart switches. Just imagine, this is happening everywhere. In homes and at work in many places.

This inter-connectivity has been labelled the Internet of Things (IoT) and it’s slowly making our lives better, easier, more convenient, more efficient and cheaper.

While each specific component, device or product within the IoT seems small, together as a whole, these devices can change the world. It starts at home and where you put all these IoT devices together and use it as a family, then as a town, then as a state, as a country, as a nation, as an economy, it is going to start to show a big impact in the way we count our economics and finances.

I believe we are going to see rising growth, rising productivity and rising use of all the megatrends that I and my team of stock analysts have been talking about for nearly four years through Profits Unlimited and all our services.

2020 Warning: Don’t Listen to Sensational Media

There was some good news in the Congressional Budget Office's report last week. But the report seems to be using optimistic assumptions.I know there are many people out there that focus on the negative and fear of the future to get ‘clicks’— I read MarketWatch, Yahoo! Finance and the Wall Street Journal. The financial media that I sometimes refer to as the bad news media is making some pretty bold claims. It often does seem that they focus almost exclusively on bad news.

Every projection they issue claims something is going wrong or something is about to go wrong I would tell you that they have a bias and a prejudice: they focus on bad news for any number of reasons.

The only good news they largely focus on is on the day when something is released.

There’s no reason for us to get into that but I do want you to be careful about where you get your investing news. Find balanced reporting.

My 2020 Market Forecast

2020 market forecastWith respect to the overall market in 2020, I’m still optimistic.

I can tell you there is a ton of good news to report on right now and the outlook for the economy in 2020 is good.

In housing, the millennial generation is out there buying which in turn is stimulating an enormous amount of spending. The Internet of Things is blossoming in every aspect of our life and becoming more integrated into our daily lives.

Big data, which is all the data we collect as a result of having these smart sensors on our devices, the primary focus of IoT, is collected and stored, which will inform future artificial intelligence (AI). It makes our lives cheaper, easier and more efficient. These are just 3 examples of my optimistic 2020 market forecast.

Not to mention solar power, new energy, transportation — you can go across every megatrend and they are increasingly being put into our economy. That makes me more optimistic because it means we will get more growth for less money. These technologies actually work and they are interconnected. America 2.0 is going to be an incredible thing to behold.

America 2.0 will be efficient, optimal and cost less than the old way. I’m optimistic for what I believe is going to unfold in 2020. It’s going to be a continuation of many of the things that have worked for the past three-and-a-half years in the time that we started Profits Unlimited. However, I have to say that no one should expect a straight line.

Ups & Downs Are Natural

Remember what happened in 2018? There was a panic. People thought for any number of reasons that there was going to be a crisis, a crash, a recession — who knows. They started to sell stocks. As they did that, they pushed prices down.

Toward the end of 2019 as no crash has happened, no crisis, no recession, they have come back — as we told you they would — with all that money and they have pushed stocks up. There’s always a back and forth motion for the stock market. This is why we have the Rules of the Game for our services. We recommend all our premium subscribers follow those rules closely.

Generally, I want to say again that my 2020 market forecast is optimistic. I believe higher prices are coming which means bigger gains in your portfolio. Please stay in the stocks we recommend. If you’re considering going into it, please check out our services. Start investing in 2020 with the expertise of Wall Street pros and analysts that I have on my team.

Comment below and tell us about your experience investing over the last decade and what you are looking forward to most in 2020.


Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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