Many of Jeff’s readers have reached out to us with feedback about his investing style and writing. Here’s what they had to say:

“Jeff: Just a note to let you know that as of today’s move, VDSI is now my profit leader out of all the stocks I own. Thank you for an excellent job in finding undervalued gems with this kind of potential!” — Glen M.

“I have looked for a service like Banyan Hill for years. As I read through all the material, I am reinforced that [Total Wealth Insider] will meet my needs. There is just so much investment information available that it has become impossible to keep up. [Total Wealth Insider] condensing all this information into recommendations and ongoing support, for me, was the missing support leg of a three-leg stool. Thank you!” — Thomas W.

“I am new to investing. Recently, I have been spending a lot of time trying to learn as much as I can. I realize now that there is so much more to this than I ever imagined. Just wanted to thank you and the team from Banyan Hill. Without the expert analysis and research you offer, I would seriously be in trouble. My small portfolio now has a solid start for future gains. Thanks, and good investing.” — Lee F.

“When the Equifax debacle hit the news, I thought something had to be done about all this cybercrime. Then your email came — and I had to take a look. I am a retired barber who never prepared for retirement. […] [With] the addition of your letter, I can stay ahead of the wolf.” — Ross T.

“A few days ago I paid the subscription for Total Wealth Insider. And I think your materials are well laid out and very lucid. Since I have spent much of my life as a journalist (many years as a foreign correspondent for Time magazine), I was impressed with the fact that your expertise had essentially started with your reporting of financial circles for a major publication.” — D.A.

“Jeff is just awesome. His insights, commentary, humor and knowledge of the market is priceless. I wouldn’t change a thing!” — Mark D.

“I am happy with Jeff Yastine’s advice; he is providing a great service for Main Street investors like myself.” — Charlotte N.

“I like Jeff’s no-nonsense, direct style and stock recommendations. His picks are spot-on.” — Carl P.

“I’m just getting started with the Total Wealth Insider newsletter, and I’m already ahead. Looking forward to more learning and investing.” — Dan P.

“I am extremely pleased with Jeff’s coverage on featured companies. I always learn something about the company, industry, sector or technology that I did not know before.” — Chuck L.

“It’s exciting learning from a seasoned investor.” — Alex M.

“I enjoy Jeff’s weekly portfolio update and like reading about how the companies are doing.” — Brian A.

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