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Top 3D Printing Stock to Buy Before the Market Surges

Top 3D Printing Stock to Buy Before the Market Surges

Tesla … electric vehicles … wood … and boats.

What’s one thing these all have in common?

3D printing technology!

And these innovations are pushing 3D printing higher as THE America 2.0 industry to watch!

I believe it has the potential to streamline almost every old-world industry.

These three exciting leaps are just the beginning.

And we have one incredible way to buy into 3D printing’s rise today … before the whole market more than doubles in the next few years!

Three 3D Printing Wonders for 2021

Today, we’re diving deeper into 3D printing & will reveal 3 exciting new developments you might not know about.  We’ll also give you our top 3D-printing recommendation to buy.  Plus, we’ll share what the upcoming year means for 3D printing and America 2.0 stocks.

Here at Bold Profits, we’re bulls on 3D printing technology also known as additive manufacturing.  3D Printing tech is a critical part of our America 2.0 & 4th industrial revolution forecast.  The global 3D printing market is projected to more than double by 2024, growing from $16B in 2020 to $40.8B in 2024.

We’re transitioning from an America 1.0 world of industrial manufacturing & technology to a new America 2.0 world were 3D printing tech will be used to make everything from car parts to houses.  It’s all part of our industrial manufacturing 3R forecast (Restock/Reinventory/Reshore) that will unfold for years to come.

In Oct. of 2020 3D printing stocks got a boost when a Tesla job posting sought candidates for its “rapidly growing Additive Manufacturing (a.k.a. 3D printing) operations.”

Tesla 3D Printing Article

Since then, other auto manufacturers like Porsche and General Motors are wholeheartedly embracing 3D printing tech in the manufacturing of car parts.

A Top Gear headline from this past Friday shows “Porsche is using 3D printing to make EV parts”

Porsche 3D Parts Article

Porsche has 3D printed complete housing for an electric drive unit.

Per the article, Porsche has found that using 3D printing allows electric drive unit housing to be 100 per cent firmer, 10 per cent lighter and smaller than a traditional cast part.

“This proves that additive manufacturing with all its advantages is also suitable for larger and highly stressed components in electric sports cars.”

Meanwhile, over at General Motor’s … Cadillac’s Blackwing sedans will be GM’s first production cars with 3D printed parts.

Cadillac Blackwing Sedan

Cadillac Blackwing Sedan


The Cadillac performance sedans will be the first GM production vehicles to feature printed parts which include the cars electrical harness bracket and a pair of HVAC ducts. At GM 3D printing is also used in the prototype testing stage. And if you’re a proud owner of a 2020 Chevy Corvette, know that 3D printed brake ducts were used during the cars brake development testing phase. Cutting the time spent on track tests from 10 weeks to just one week.  Per Detroit News this produced a massive savings of 64% of budget costs in the process.

3D Printed Wood




Next up is the Manufacturing market.  Make way for 3D printed wood.  As reported by Scientists have discovered a method for “3D printing wooden structures.”  Through the combination of 3D printing and laser cutting technology, researchers describe how quote “laser-cut wood could be stacked in an additive manner to create wooden structures.”   These scientists believe that this process, if automated, could potentially be used to create wooden objects with good sound absorption.

Lastly, if you’re a boating enthusiast, this 3D printing breakthrough will be of great interest.  3Dpriting is now set to transform the maritime & marine industries.  As seen in this video, a new project just published by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, show a fully functional 3D printed boat taking to the water.   Per 3D printing media network, quote “this is the latest of a long string of projects that has shown how new large-format extrusion system … are making the process of 3D printing boats a fairly standardized …practice.” This solid trend opens the door for easier manufacturing and design ideas for the boating market.

As you can see 3D printing tech is making amazing strides.  That’s why we’re #BOP (bullish/optimistic/positive) on 3D printing innovations across most industries.

One 3D printing stock recommended in Profits Unlimited monthly stock newsletter has more than doubled in open gains for subscribers with tons of upside potential.

And if you want in on the potential gains poised to come in the 3D printing market, consider buying shares in The 3D Printing ETF ticker (BATS: PRNT).

In conclusion, I want to share something I shared with the team from our latest investment team call, on what the upcoming year means for 3D printing and America 2.0 stocks.    Paul 3D printing quote

The U.S. economic calendar week ahead there will be 7 major economic releases.  On Wed. MBA weekly mtge apps & Consumer Price index MoM will post at 7am & 8:30am.  And on Fri. Dec.’s PPI final demand MoM, Jan.’s Empire Manuf’g, Dec’s Retail Sales Adv. MoM, Dec.’s Industrial Production MoM & Jan.’s Prelim. U. of Mich. Sentiment will post b/w 8:30a & 10am.  Of these releases we’ll be watching all 5 Friday releases.  And know you can follow us on Twitter @MampillyGuru and @ALancasterGuru.  Throughout the trading week we post the results and our #BOP take for most of these economic releases.

In today’s video, we included a link in the description that has the details about my top 3D printing stock in the Profits Unlimited open model portfolio. It’s up almost 200% in a year as of writing!

It was my No. 1 pick for 2020, but I predict that 3D printing will continue to push forward this year as new industries embrace America 2.0.

Check out today’s video description or simply click here to see the full details of what I see coming in America 2.0.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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