Today, we’re pleased to bring you a new episode of The Banyan Edge PodcastAnd with it, a new beginning for you as an investor and a trader!Mike Carr believes we’re in a major adjustment period for the stock market and investor behavior. For his money, the awful performance of tech stocks in 2022 was no “buy the dip” opportunity. It was a warning shot for an even deeper decline this year.But Mike’s not one to stay on the sidelines. He’s got a plan to trade these tech stocks as they inevitably make “dead cat bounces” — counter-trend rallies that take them higher than anyone will think is rational.Click here or below to check out the latest episode, ESPECIALLY if you’re holding any tech stocks in your portfolio right now. (And that goes double for Tesla … which our guests all gave their “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” alongside a deep-dive analysis in today’s show.)

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