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The New FANG Stocks — How You Can Profit From “STUF”

The New FANG Stocks — How You Can Profit From “STUF”

When Jim Cramer first coined the term FANG, everyone was looking forward to the massive potential of those exciting new stocks. Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google became must-haves in any successful portfolio.

Since that moment, Paul has been looking for the next FANG. And this week, he finally debuted his four stock picks and his new acronym.

He calls it STUF. And the stocks that make up STUF are advancing and changing the world right now!

These are Paul’s all-star picks that have the potential to surpass FANG.

More importantly, these are four top stocks that he’s currently following in his services such as Profits Unlimited. It’s crucial that you take this opportunity to invest now — because he likely won’t do this again.

Don’t Miss This Once-in-a-Lifetime Reveal

These four stocks — Spotify, Tesla, Uber and Facebook — are truly rare gifts from Paul to Bold Profits Daily readers like you. All four of these companies are taking the tech advancements of today and pushing them into the future.

For instance, Spotify and Facebook have a handle on individualized user experiences within their platforms. This makes it easy for users to see the most relevant posts and groups for them on Facebook and the best music based on what they already listen to on Spotify.

And both Tesla and Uber have a strong grip on transportation innovation. Tesla has the market cornered on self-driving tech and user-friendly features in a car that’s better for the environment.

Uber’s making a massive splash in the world of ride-sharing. It makes the experience of splitting a ride with a friend or using the service like a taxi a breeze for both the driver and passenger.

By giving you a glimpse into Profits Unlimited, Paul’s giving you a chance to invest in the stocks he believes in the most. If you want more information on the STUF stocks, be sure you check out Profits Unlimited here and see how you can profit from these companies.

Another exciting addition to Bold Profits Daily this week was the release of Ian’s first solo video on our YouTube channel. This week, he talked about why he believes interest rate cuts will help drive the market even higher. Click here to watch Ian’s solo YouTube debut.

Week in Review

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Tuesday, July 9: Paul joins us on video this week to clue you in on how to Grab Massive Gains From the Best Millennial “STUF” on the Market. CNBC’s Jim Cramer created a fantastic acronym to identify the top stocks that investors must buy into. Now Paul has coined his own term for his four powerhouse stock picks set to capitalize on rising interest in millennial-centric companies. Click here to watch.

Wednesday, July 10: Amber wants you to have the chance to Tap Into Epic Gains in Pure-Play Cloud Computing — Now. NASCAR’s making huge tech strides by partnering up with Amazon Web Services to bring you all the digital footage of the sport you could ever want! This progress is huge for investors in the cloud computing industry. Click here to find out how you can be one of them.

Thursday, July 11: Ian’s giving you an opportunity to Get the Jump on Virtual Reality’s Double-Digit Market Growth. For surgeons, studying different procedures and skills using traditional methods may soon be a thing of the past. Now, with the advent of virtual reality training from companies like Osso VR, new surgeons can practice in real time on a virtual patient. Click here to learn how you can profit from this tech’s advancements.

Friday, July 12: The Bold Profits Team joins us this week to give you The 4 Best Ways to Cash in on the Prefab Housing Boom. With millennials joining the housing market, they’re changing the standard for what type of housing stands out over all others. Cottage-sized houses and “tiny houses” are among the most popular options, and the prefabricated housing market is meeting this demand. Click here to read more about how you can profit from this trend.


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