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Jump Into the Millennial Startup Craze

Jump Into the Millennial Startup Craze

2019 is shaping up to be the year of initial public offerings (IPOs).

There’s a huge surge of companies entering the stock market this year, and many of these IPOs, like Pinterest and Zoom, fit right into the millennial mega trend.

From ride-sharing giants Lyft and Uber, to the meat-substitute company Beyond Meat (with a stock price that’s risen 163% since it went public this week), companies with a millennial edge are gathering the most attention.

These IPOs and many more have the potential to redefine what investors want.

Millennial investors are starting to dip their toes in the market, and they’re looking for companies that speak to them.

Companies like Airbnb, Postmates, Pinterest, Robinhood and more are all expected to go public later this year.

All of these companies use technology to make basic tasks that we’ve taken for granted for decades cheaper and easier.

In this week’s Bold Profits Daily updates, we talk about how IPOs, millennials and technology all go hand in hand.

Week in Review

Monday, April 29: Paul Mampilly and Amber Lancaster joined us on video for this week’s Market Talk while Ian Dyer was away. They discussed how the New GDP Report Points to Economic Boom. With the announcement of several important factors, like the gross domestic product’s 3.2% increase in the first quarter, Paul and Amber believe an economic renaissance is right around the corner. Click here to watch.

Tuesday, April 30: Paul explains 3 Reasons the Housing Boom Is Just Beginning, which mainly comes from millennials joining the ever-growing list of homebuyers. With 50% of all mortgages taken out last year coming from millennials, and fewer and fewer millennials afraid of recession, Paul says now is the best time to be a part of the next housing boom. Click here to watch.

Wednesday, May 1: Amber talks about a brand-new Can’t-Miss IPO in Millennial-Fueled Pet Industry. She explains how millennials are bringing the pet industry to new highs, and the impact this IPO could have on the market. 2018’s total U.S. spending on pets reached a whopping $72 billion, and it’s on its way up. Click here to see what Amber recommends so you can take advantage of IPOs like this one.

Thursday, May 2: Nick has 2 Picks for the DNA Test Boom that lead the way for advancements in health. One of these picks has the potential to bring the number of full-genome DNA tests taken up to 60 million by 2025. And with companies like 23andMe popularizing the way we look at our DNA, the future of such tests looks bright. Click here to find out how to invest in these tests.

Friday, May 3: Ian explains how Robots Are Helping Workers, Not Replacing Them and why the robotics industry is booming. For years, the general fear among businesses and employees was that robots would take our jobs. But based on recent data, and the lowest U.S. unemployment rate since 1969, that’s clearly not the case. Click here to read all about the shared workspace between people and robots.

And stay tuned: We’ve got a big announcement coming in the next few weeks about a new way to take advantage of IPOs.


Your Bold Profits Team

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