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Why Tesla’s Newest Innovation Leads the 4th Industrial Revolution

Why Tesla’s Newest Innovation Leads the 4th Industrial Revolution

We’re in the midst of an astonishing economic upgrade I call America 2.0 — the Fourth Industrial Revolution — and everyone else is missing it!


Because they’re looking in their rearview mirror. But we’ve kept our eyes on the road ahead.

As we speak, Tesla is taking yet ANOTHER step closer to making self-driving vehicles the new normal.

The building blocks of America 2.0 are rising up all around us. The time to start investing in this incredible movement is now, while everyone else is looking the other way.

And there’s one Tesla opportunity that I’m sure no one else is talking about.

Check out this week’s Market Talk to learn about the industries — such as autonomous cars, blockchain and the Internet of Things — that are leading America 2.0 in our new weekly segment!

If you’re just starting to invest in America 2.0, you can follow me on Twitter @MampillyGuru. I’m on there every day, building a roadmap for this new industrial revolution.


Market Talk: January 13, 2020

Last week we saw positive signs stemming from the latest November U.S. trade balance and goods and services data. For the first time in three years, the U.S. trade gap shrank. It posted a deficit of $43.1 billion, shrinking from $46.9 billion posted the previous month and coming in better than economists were expecting.

US Trade Deficit Shrinks

What this means is that there’s a sizable drop in the imports from China into the U.S. following President Trump’s tariffs on goods from the country. All while the U.S. is becoming a net exporter of oil. Per Bloomberg data, the figure suggests the gap may shrink on a yearly basis for the first time since 2013.

Moreover, this three-year low in the trade deficit will likely add to the growth of the fourth quarter in 2019. In all, this shrinking deficit is a sign that President Trump’s trade policies are bearing fruit.

Trade on Track to Boost Q4 Growth

Where this week’s economic releases are concerned, there will be seven major economic releases. On Tuesday, December’s CPI month-over-month will post at 8:30 am. On Wednesday, PPI final demand month-over-month for December and the Empire Manufacturing for January will both post at 8:30 am.

On Thursday, December retail sales advanced month-over-month will post at 8:30 am. On Friday we will see a trio of releases: December’s housing starts at 8:30 am, industrial production month-over-month for December at 9:15 am and the University of Michigan sentiment preliminary reading for January at 10 am.

Weekly Economic Releases List


Innovation: The Decentralized Internet

The decentralized internet is coming. This new internet will be known as internet 3.0. It was just revealed at CES 2020, a tech startup called Blockchain Router is offering current internet users a plug-and-play solution to access the internet anonymously and remain protected while online.

Blockchain Router Image

Using the specialized blockchain routers, users who currently pay for virtual private network (VPN) subscriptions can soon use these routers with an automatic built-in VPN to “easily connect all devices in your household to the blockchain router, which is connected to one, single VPN account. No more multiple VPN subscriptions.” It’s a big cost savings overall.

Blockchain Router vs. VPN Router Flow Chart

The blockchain router will connect your devices to internet 3.0, the decentralized internet of the future. This new router is also designed to give users access to blockchain email. Blockchain email is touted as the most secure email in the world where no one can access it but you. Blockchain router is also set to offer advanced firewall features that will “protect you, your family and your devices.”

America 2.0

Now for our new series called America 2.0 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As you may have heard or read, Paul is predicting a massive update for the U.S. over the next few years. He’s seeing our Bold Profits megatrends — the industrial internet of things (IoT), precision medicine, millennials, blockchain, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous/electric vehicles and new energy technology — all creating the fourth industrial revolution and remaking the U.S. into America 2.0.

Paul's Megatrends

He believes our economy is going to roar to life in a way never seen before. It will be capitalism in its finest hour. There’s no question in his mind that those who position themselves at the forefront of America 2.0 will experience more prosperity than they ever thought possible.

With that being said, here’s this week’s example of America 2.0 at work. According to, American automotive and energy company Tesla has sent a letter to the thousands of Tesla semi truck reservation holders to update them on the test program for the electric truck, as well as plans to improve it in slightly updated timeline.

America 2.0 Tesla Semi Truck Update

Right now, Tesla states they are on track to produce limited volumes of the Tesla semi in the second half of this year. The truck is expected to have an electric range of up to 600 miles. Per, “Tesla fans in the northern U.S. might be able to soon catch a glimpse of the Tesla semi on the road since Tesla confirmed it plans to start its winter testing program soon.”

Paul Mampilly’s America 2.0: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

What is America 2.0? It’s a cross section of megatrends that will revolutionize everything; a period of change that is going to be remembered as a time of surprising, shocking, stunning, astonishing growth that no one is expecting.

We are looking backwards instead of forward. 

When you look backward, you tend to see the bad. Mistakes, disasters, problems, crises and crashes. That is what you see. And because of that, the future feels riskier, uncertain and you have doubts. And playing on fear is a tactic that most media companies use to get clicks.

Very few people are going to want to tell you about the positive outlooks of the future. We want to tell you about the positive outlook we have for the future. And we want to give you enough time to act before the rest of the investing world catches on.

Remember, the biggest reward and the best rewards come before everyone else figures it out.

You buy your assets and stocks cheap. Then everyone else works it what’s going on, they invest and are forced to bid prices higher. You benefit from acting early.

I know many people are thinking, “Paul, stocks are already at all-time highs. Are you sure?” All I can tell you is check out our presentation on America 2.0. That will give you all the details.

Here’s just one example: the Tesla Semi Truck is part of the megatrends that are building the fourth industrial revolution. Our future will be filled with autonomous vehicles just running around with no steering wheel and no human being. Can you imagine it? It’s coming sooner than you think.

  • You car will take you anywhere you want to go at the press of a button.
  • Semi trucks will deliver things items across country without breaks, except to full.
  • Entrepreneurs will own fleets of autonomous Uber vehicles, running a dispatch from their home.

Tesla is at the heart of a brave new world.

But we don;t want to simply invest in Tesla. We want to invest in the world they are going to create. We have found an amazing group of companies that supply Tesla. We have put them all together in this phenomenal report.

Smart Summon featureIt’s a way to get in on the Tesla semi production build, the Model Y production and, my favorite, the Cybertruck. (I can’t wait for mine to show up.)

If you’ve ever thought about all the folks that supply into Tesla and that there must be an opportunity there, you would be right. We have found it. Most of these companies are foreign suppliers. (No, they are not in China. They are actually in Taiwan. That’s where we’ve had to go to find them.)

If you would like a copy of this phenomenal report, it’s going to go into our $10 Million Portfolio service that I run with my wonderful colleague Ian Dyer, click on the link.

Ignore Naysayers; The Future Looks Bright

I am still positive. If you go on MarketWatch, Yahoo! Finance, Wall Street Journal, all the usual places, they are telling you that this market is going to crumble and is unsustainable. I can tell you this market is being powered by good news that isn’t on the front pages of all these publications.

We’ve been saying this for months!

  • Unemployment is at a 50-year low
  • Income is rising for the first time in 20 years
  • Productivity is rising for the first time in 20 years.

The biggest problems companies face is getting enough people. They are seeing blue sky opportunities in front of them and they want to get in on it.

There’s only two ways to do it. Employ our megatrends, which is good for our stocks. Employ people, which is good for all of America. All of it is good for us. As people make more money, they have more money to buy stocks. As businesses make more money, they spend money to expand.That means they have more money to give people. It’s a virtuous cycle that just keeps rolling and rolling.

It’s why I have described this as a lollapalooza effect where so many technologies — IoT, AI, blockchain, precision medicine, new energy, robotics, 3D printing — coming together combined with the effect of having the millennial generation coming of age all at the same time while Gen X is still productive and many baby boomers are still at work.

This is the glue that puts together the essence of what I believe is the fourth industrial revolution and America 2.0. You don’t want to miss out. Tesla is very much a part of that. Subscribe to our channel if you want to continue to get updates on America 2.0. If you like the content, give us a thumbs up.

Tell us below: what is your favorite America 2.0 megatrend or technology.

I believe it could go on for seven to 10 years and it’s imperative you take action now so you can get the maximum benefit.


Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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