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Tesla vs. Exxon: America 2.0 in Motion!

Tesla vs. Exxon: America 2.0 in Motion!

It’s a “changing of the guards!”

One thing that’s becoming more and more clear is the shift from America 1.0 to America 2.0.

One of our Blacklist stocks — Exxon Mobil Corp. — was just dropped from the Dow.

But our America 2.0 counter-pick Tesla is on a tear!

TSLA shares spiked more than 10% this week after the stock split and are maintaining high demand.

We’re all about getting you into the best America 2.0 stocks NOW so you can profit from their future gains.

That’s why Tesla has a spot in our STUF stocks. These are four staple America 2.0 picks from Paul’s Profits Unlimited portfolio.

But STUF is just a glimpse at what Paul’s finding. He just released a new prediction for a 1,000% gain in the next five years in an America 2.0 stock!

This is your chance to get in on the greatest bull market in history. It’s time to be bold … and bet on America.

Click here for the full exciting story.

We’re leaving America 1.0 in the past and companies such as Exxon with it. Tesla and our four STUF stocks are the future — and will lead to bigger gains.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can read the full STUF report here. You’ll find four of our best recommendations to buy today.

But remember: If you want more, check out Paul’s America 2.0 predictions here.

America 2.0 Lollapalooza Week

The team was all over the America 2.0 transformation this week. It was your No. 1 pick from the Super Bull quiz.

You want more — and all — the America 2.0 opportunities we can find. And we listened! See:

  • 3 Stocks to Sell and 3 to Buy TODAY. America 2.0 is going to SKYROCKET over the next three years. Paul has the foresight to see what stocks are going to soar and what stocks can be left in the America 1.0 dust.
  • 5 Starter Stocks for America 2.0’s Momentum. If you could have got in on the ground floor of the steel industry, wouldn’t you? Well, a similar opportunity is happening RIGHT NOW with America 2.0 stocks. You can profit from this … big-time.
  • Your “Last-Mile” Trade for America 2.0 Drone Deliveries. Online shopping retail sales have seen five years’ growth in three months! Drone technology is going to accelerate online delivery momentum — starting now.
  • Bye Exxon — Dow 100K Here We Come! Did you see the big Dow 100K shake-up — three stocks in and three out? Here’s how to set up your portfolio for the young new 1000% gainers in America 2.0.
  • Buy This to Get Ahead of Election Markets. Profit-taking is coming! Here’s the best way to lock in end-of-year gains. And don’t miss: Tesla’s 1,000% rise, the 4X climb bitcoin has left to hit $50,000 and the huge rally in cannabis.


Your Bold Profits Team

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