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TSLA Supercharged Us & Your Stocks

TSLA Supercharged Us & Your Stocks

You’ve got to see this to believe it. Amber and I hit the road in the new Tesla Model X Plaid.

But before she hit Ludicrous Mode (and had me grabbing for the handle), we realized our battery charge was low …

So, we made a quick pit stop to the FASTEST Supercharger I’ve ever seen (video included)!

I shouldn’t be surprised. Elon Musk is an America 2.0 innovator.

He’s now expanding his empire with Twitter Inc. (TWTR) and Dogecoin (DOGE). This is a spark for the innovation rally we’ve said is coming with our stocks.

Look at Tesla:

We’re diving into all the Tesla Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA) happenings — stock split, Giga Berlin drone and THREE ways you can buy into this electric vehicle (EV) revolution today:


Amber Lancaster: We just experienced the fastest Tesla supercharger we have ever seen. How can you cash in on this megatrend? Today, Paul is joining us fresh off his trip to Florida to visit team headquarters. While he was here, both us of, along with Jaclyn our team’s editor extraordinaire, hit the road in a 2022 Model X Plaid.

It was great. Yours truly was the driver. Good times indeed. We put this car through its tech paces and had a chance to supercharge at a local station where we witnessed a supersonic supercharge that blew our minds. In this video, first Paul will share his perspective on America 2.0 stock market conditions.

Then I will share more details on how fast this supercharger worked and a hot-off-the-presses Bloomberg new energy finance study that shows how ultrafast EV charging is making its mark on the world. Then I will share what it means for future EV stock gains and what investments you can buy today to be part of these potential gains.

Stay tuned for those details and we’ll get started. Good to see you, Paul. What a trip it was. I loved having you here. It was great having you visit us.


How Is Tesla’s Stock Doing?

Paul Mampilly: It was absolutely amazing. We were ready to go to Miami. We were ready to party in Miami and have a good time, but we had folks waiting for us because there was more work to do. What did you think of the car? What did you think of the Model X? The falcon wing doors?

The supercharger, folks, I have had a Model X for four-plus years now. I can tell you when I first had the Model X the speed of charging — only in hindsight because I had never experienced it — it was pretty slow. But today, wow. Our car was at 62 miles of range when we got it.

Am I spoiling this?

Amber: No, go ahead.

Paul: So we pulled in and I have to say I was a little worried. I didn’t want to say anything since you were driving. Florida traffic, you have to see this to believe it. It’s insane. I thought if we get stuck for a long time and it’s hot in Florida…

Nonetheless, we pull into this brand new supercharger. Only you knew about it. It wasn’t even in Google Maps. It was a secret. The thing charges like BOOM. It was insanely fast. OK, that’s all the excitement you’ll see in a clip that’s coming. Make sure you stay tuned.

I think that this was definitely Tesla’s fastest charger. You have to see this to believe it. People who complain about charging being slow? No more. This car was half full in a few minutes. You wouldn’t have had time to go to the bathroom.

We have a lot of news going on in our stocks. Particularly in what I will call the Elonosphere. Elon’s burgeoning empire. Obviously there’s Tesla, so let’s start there. I tweeted about this so I want to reference my tweets.

Tesla reported its quarter over the weekend because Elon’s like, “let’s try to twist the knife into the shorts” because there are still people who short Tesla.

Deliveries year-over-year 310,048 versus 184,800. That’s a 68% increase. Folks, remember, supply chain shortages, chip shortages, car part shortages, blockages of shipping and they still were able to increase deliveries by 68%.

Their production increased to 305,407 from 180,338. That’s a 69% production increase. This is at the same time where if you are looking up Honda, Toyota or GM, their production has plummeted by almost the same amount. You can tell there is something different about Tesla.

The critics will say Tesla is only on pace to make a million cars. Let’s see where Toyota, Ford and GM are going to come in yearend. Between their decline in production and Tesla’s increase, it’s going to be a big deal.

The other big things that have happened in the last few weeks that I want to cover is Giga Berlin got approval to open and I retweeted a tweet that has this amazing video. Tesla put it out on their YouTube channel. This drone is somehow going through Giga Berlin while they are working.

How did they it, I don’t know, because it goes under a stamping mold thing. I don’t know the right term. It goes under it, through it, it’s absolutely amazing. Check out my Twitter if you haven’t seen it. This is mind bending.

Then Elon announced the Cybertruck is set to begin production in 2023. I have one ordered. Ian Dyer, our amazing colleague, has one ordered. Hopefully Amber will have one ordered.

Amber: Oh yes, put me on the list.

Paul: She’s checking into the EV world and I sense she’s close to pulling the trigger.

Amber: Of course I am.

Paul: She was asking a lot of questions, folks. She probably has to persuade her husband. Stay tuned and Amber will let us know how that’s going. And then one of the things I am going to cover in my video tomorrow on this channel: The Tesla stock split.

Tesla has asked shareholders for permission to increase the number of shares. The size of the increase indicates it’s not to sell more shares, it’s clear it’s to split the stock. I am going to cover that in detail tomorrow. If you interested in the stock split, come back tomorrow and check out my video.


Elon, Twitter, And Doge!

Other news which affects one of the other investments we are in, Doge, is that Elon in a total shock move said he has bought more than 9% of Twitter. People who follow Elon know he has something like 80 million followers on Twitter. He has been unhappy with the things Twitter has been doing in terms of free speech.

He ran a poll asking people if they felt Twitter represents the principle of free speech. Overwhelmingly, people said no. So he threw out the idea he might start his own social media competition. Then out of the blue this morning on my morning checkup it says Elon has accumulated a 9%-plus stake in Twitter.

It makes him the largest shareholder of Twitter. While Twitter is cool and awesome, immediately Doge, which is in the Profits Unlimited portfolio, went up by about 4% or 5%. People are thinking, “What’s the connection?”

Well the connection is that it has been rumored Elon would love to get Doge, which he owns quite a bit of and we are very BOP on — I believe long term it’s inevitable it will get to $1 — would be used as a way to pay people on Twitter. The content on Twitter is amazing.

People give away incredible stuff and they do it for free. Journalists don’t work for free. Reporters don’t work for free. Researchers don’t work for free. If you could integrate a payment system that is recognized, accepted and easily acceptable — the low price for Doge makes it so people feel comfortable and free to spend it.

I think this could be a turning point moment for Doge, which with a lot of other cryptos has taken a tumble. However, I am still BOP on Doge as I am on Bitcoin, Ethereum and crypto in general.


Keep Your Strong Hands!

All this news coming out from Tesla, Elon, Doge, I think it sets up for a beginning of a big move into our stocks, which are innovation stocks.

These are the stocks owned by Cathie Wood. They are in ARK Innovation. We own these in bulk. We own across our services about 150 innovation stocks. Some people call them growth stocks. Internally we call them America 2.0 stocks or Fourth Industrial Revolution stocks.

Whatever you want to call them, these stocks are setting up to catch a bid. I was tweeting about the macro setup for this. People have feared high interest rates as being a problem for our stocks. However, it turns out it’s actually a problem for the stocks of companies that we refer to as old world stocks.

They really don’t do anything with innovation. They don’t implement it, they don’t use it. They haven’t updated their product set or how they make it. They are struggling. They also are very exposed to rising interest rates, unlike our companies that are not exposed to rising interest rates.

There’s been this panic where people have sold these stocks that are growth stocks, Cathie Wood stocks, ARK Innovation stocks, America 2.0 stocks. So now it’s going to reverse. It’s going to start small. We’ve already seen nearly all our stocks bottom out.

Now they are starting to lift slowly. I would tell you one of the things I want to reinforce is that most people after a bear market or crash are so eager to sell. You know why? You are mentally exhausted. You are emotionally exhausted. You just want that relief.

After holding onto something really tight, what do you want to do? You want to just let go. I can tell you, that’s a mistake. It’s going to be a mistake. What’s going to happen is you are going to sell. Then three months out, six months out, nine months out, these stocks are going to be higher and higher.

I saw this happen in 2009. I started buying stocks too early in 2008. I was tired by the time the market finally bottomed out in February 2009. I was tired, but I had the reverse feeling. I had lasted so long, I didn’t care what was happening. I was going to hold through thick and thin.

It was a complete miracle. These stocks, some of which had been down 50%, 60%, 70% even 80% were now up hundreds of percent. I sold a tiny bit of it. I bought a house, I bought a car, I paid for my kids’ educations with the money it generated.

We tell you to stay strong hands. Other folks say diamond hands. One thing we all share in common is you gotta be bullish, you gotta be optimistic, you gotta be positive. I am, that’s for sure. Stay strong. I am very BOP. I hope you are too. That’s what I have today.

I want to point out my special Doge t-shirt. We haven’t talked about it for a while. I wanted to wear it so everybody can see we still like Doge. Hey, I think this twitter news with Elon could be the thing to make it move. That’s what I’ve got, Amber.

Amber: Good stuff, Paul. I agree with everything you said. It’s good to hear this news regarding Twitter. We’ll see how it goes.

Paul: We’ll keep people updated. Come back and check in.

Amber: Most definitely. Thank you, Paul, for joining me today on Market Talk.

Paul: Thanks for having me on as usual. You are doing an amazing job. Absolutely incredible. Make sure you stay on for the amazing experience Amber and I shared. Thanks, Amber.


Tesla’s Supercharging Is Growing!

Amber: You’re welcome. See you soon. Thanks again to Paul for joining us. Now, let’s talk about our Tesla supercharger experience. When we pulled up to the supercharger, which was full with other Tesla drivers filling up, our Model X had about 50 miles of charge remaining.

After hooking up the EV to the supercharger, in about two minutes flat we were already charged up to about 170 miles. According to Paul, that’s pretty darn fast. The supercharging power was around 250 kWh with a charge rate of 803 miles per hour.

This is with other Teslas hooked up and charging simultaneously. So imagine once other super fast superchargers are installed around the nation and the world, the flood gates will open for more EV adoption. As it is, the demand for Teslas is surging.

As seen in this headline, Tesla cars are already sold out for 2022.

Tesla Headlines

You can’t buy one. Not available. You have to wait. Now Bloomberg just released a study that states the number of EV chargers installed globally increased to 1.8 million at the end of 2021.

Bloomberg NEF

All while ultra fast chargers made up 27% of the 474,000 new installations last year.

Their share was just 15% in 2020. That’s an almost double in ultrafast installations. The study also found that global investment in public charging grew 40% year-over-year to $5.6 billion.

BNEF Charging Charts

This growth in largely attributed to ultrafast charge installations which can cost up to 50 times that of slow chargers.

The investment of ultrafast chargers in 2021 superseded the total investment in public charging in 2020. It accounted for 73% of all public charging investments in 2021. Lastly, the study also found Tesla has one of the world’s biggest charging networks with 30,000 supercharger connectors.

Bloomberg NEF info

Right now, Tesla is really focused on expanding the supercharger network. Installations for its destination network have come to a standstill, but this indicates the company sees ultrafast charging as a better bet for EVs at this point.


What Are Three Investments You Can Make Today?

In my opinion, it’s spot-on thinking. Here are three investments you can make today to be part of the EV revolution.

Number one. Consider buying shares in the ARK Autonomous Technology Robotics ETF. It’s one of the key players in everything EV and autonomous vehicles.

If you want to be in on this megatrend. Consider adding ARKQ to your portfolio.

Number two. Of course, consider buying shares in Tesla (TSLA). It’s a Bold Profits favorite for some time. Tesla is a really good play in EV innovation and the battery world. It’s also a leader we believe will continue to innovation and grow.

It’s already up 1,500% since we first recommended it to our Profits Unlimited subscribers in 2018. I tweeted about this.

Amber Tweet

The potential stock split has already added about $84 billion in stock market value to its stock. The EV maker last did a split in August 2020.

After that it rose about 743% that year. That split was often cited as a catalyst for further gains. Consider adding more shares or slices of Tesla to your portfolio if you haven’t already.

Number three. You’ll want to click the strong hands to find out more about the black magic powder that can supercharge a battery by 2,500%. You know we are all about EV battery tech here. Paul always has his eye on the next innovation that can transform that industry.

This nano powder was discovered by one of Tesla’s original employees. Now it has the power to unleash endless energy on demand. Click here to learn more about that and get the full story.

Everyone, that concludes this week’s Market Talk. Thank you so much for watching. We appreciate you. Please remember to subscribe to this channel. Like this video if you found the content helpful. You can follow Paul and me on Twitter: @MampillyGuru and @ALancasterGuru.

Have a great week ahead. Until next time, take care.

I’m going to cover the Tesla stock split in full detail in tomorrow’s video, so tune in. But if you want in on the details about a battery secret I’ve been watching for our Profits Unlimited model portfolio, watch this.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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