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Tesla Megapack Disruption + 1 Battery ETF Buy

Tesla Megapack Disruption + 1 Battery ETF Buy

In a snap, the entire power grid went dark…

Enough energy to power 170,000 homes — gone.

South Australia’s biggest power station tripped. Power started to plummet during the brutal summer weather.

This was about two years ago. And Tesla’s Megapack battery came in for the rescue. It started as a Twitter bet from Elon, but it became Australia’s new energy reality.

Now our path is set…

We’ve been dependent on utilities for 100 years. Not anymore.

Tesla’s Battery Day was a hit in my books (maybe not for America 1.0 investors)! It showed that the destination is certain, only the speed is unknown.

Batteries are the future for our country. It will disrupt $ trillions! You can see my full report on my No. 1 battery play and the future of batteries here. And I have one powerhouse exchange-traded fund (ETF) you can buy today:


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

P.S. It’s the secret to the 12 million-mile battery … One of Tesla’s “original 7” employees has beaten his former employer, creating a battery technology so powerful it can send a Tesla across country without charging — four times. It’s capable of charging in eight minutes, not hours. It’s on the cusp of sparking a 20,300% market surge over the next decade. Click here for full story.

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