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Tesla’s In! Invest in 3D-Printing Breakthrough for 300% by 2025

Tesla’s In! Invest in 3D-Printing Breakthrough for 300% by 2025

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Tesla has done it again.

The world’s electric vehicle (EV) leader has just taken one small step for a car manufacturer and one giant leap for the auto industry.

I’m talking about a new 3D-printing breakthrough.

It’s already upgrading the manufacturing processes in Tesla factories.

It could pave the way for automakers around the world to adopt this America 2.0 mega trend. It will boost production, cut costs and produce better and more affordable vehicles.

This month, Tesla perfected a 3D-printing technique to produce a critical component of its Model Y — saving both time and money in manufacturing.

But that’s not all.

Tesla also revealed it’s using this technique to produce a much bigger component for its EV

The Model Y’s rear underbody is made up of 70 different parts — all manually designed, built and assembled by hand.

I don’t have to tell you — this is going to be a game changer and put 3D printing on the map.

Tesla is all-in. And now’s the time for you to jump in on the biggest gains before 3D printing soars to new highs.

Buy into the Remaking of Factory Floors in America 2.0

3D printing will take Tesla’s Model Y underbody from 70 different parts to just a single part:

We’ve always said Tesla is the company to beat.

Now other auto industry leaders are admitting it too.

Volkswagen’s Thomas Ulbrich said: “[Tesla] is 10 years ahead of competitors in manufacturing electric vehicles and developing software … Tesla is an impressive automaker, which is a driving force for us.”

The 3D-printing trend isn’t going anywhere in America 2.0.

Across the country, 3D printers are remaking the factory floor, replacing manually operated machines and old technologies.

The global market for 3D printing is projected to rise of more than 300% — to $44.4 billion — by 2025.

That’s a huge increase from just seven years ago when 3D printing was a $4.4 billion industry. So, the current projections put 3D printing on track to shoot up a whopping 900% rise since 2013!

Now is the time to invest.

Two Ways to Profit From 3D Printing

Now it’s no secret that Tesla’s factories have been making great strides in 3D printing.

But it does tell me this tech trend is poised to revolutionize U.S. auto manufacturing in ways that will rival Henry Ford’s assembly plant innovations more than a century ago.

Tesla is pointing the way to using 3D printing to replace traditional manual design, casting and assembly of auto parts — and proving the technology is viable.

That’s why I’m going to tell you about two ways to invest today:

  1. Paul Mampilly is BULLISH on today’s stock market and 3D printing. So one of the best moves you can take to get your hands on his favorite 3D-printing stocks is to check out his True Momentum One pick is already up more than 100%. But he’s on the lookout for a 300% winner. Check it out here.
  2. Gain exposure to the whole 3D-printing market by adding The 3D Printing ETF (BATS: PRNT) to your portfolio. This exchange-traded fund (ETF) lets you profit from 56 companies who are leading this mega trend. It’s up 21% in just the past two weeks. But with the market’s booming growth, you could be looking at triple-digit gains in the next five years.

To your health and wealth,

Nick Tate

Nick Tate

Senior Editorial Manager, Banyan Hill Publishing

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