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Tesla Homes? Get Ready for “Endless Energy”

Tesla Homes? Get Ready for “Endless Energy”

We recently asked you: What are you most excited for in the future of America 2.0?

And you had a lot to say about one mega trend in particular.

New energy!

“[I’m looking forward to] extremely cheap or free electricity…”

“Autonomous Homes — Solar + Battery Power Homes! No more Power Lines. Maybe Tesla will lead us there!”

Well, we’re happy to tell you that the new energy revolution is taking off…

It’s growing at a faster pace than electric vehicles, wind and solar.

And now, it’s about to go from powering a few homes last year to 50 million American homes — beginning in the next few weeks.

This free energy device stands to mint more millionaires than crypto, pot and big tech companies like Google, Facebook and Apple … COMBINED!

This virtually unknown new energy technology is a fantastic way to invest in America 2.0.

Paul put it all together in a new special report: This Tiny Device Will Power Every Major American City — for Free.

In it, he reveals his favorite new energy stock that you can buy now to bolster your America 2.0 portfolio. Click here to read his new special report now.

Full-Force America 2.0 Coverage: Where to Invest Now

Here’s this week’s best of the best:

Our Bold Profits Daily team got a little bigger this week. We added two new America 2.0 correspondents to our lineup! Tamara Barkhanoy and Patrick Goodrich!

You can watch Paul introduce them (Tamara here and Patrick here) to find out what they’ll be bringing to the Bold Profits table every week.

And be sure to follow them both on Twitter @TBarkhanoy and @Pgoodrich6!


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