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Tesla, Fintech, Smart Homes — Disruptors on Our Radar

Fintech. Alternative-energy vehicles. Smart-home devices. Subscriber services. Genetics.

These are some of the key players in new industries that are rapidly replacing old world stalwarts — and minting new millionaires who invest in them.

Here at Bold Profits, we’re all about the new — as in new world companies that are capitalizing on trends and innovations that are rapidly replacing the old world ways of conventional, business-as-usual operators.

This week’s Bold Profits Daily updates took a closer look at how this old world vs. new world is playing out across a range of businesses and industries.

Our Disruptification Index tracks innovative companies and industries disrupting old world players — and minting new millionaires who take advantage of these novel opportunities in the process.

As Paul Mampilly notes: “The Disruptification Index that we track at Bold Profits … well, we’re blowing the S&P 500 away! That’s because the S&P 500 is filled, to some extent, with these old companies that are really fading away… This is one of the reasons that we tell you to invest in the new.”

Here’s a comprehensive look back at this week’s forward-looking Bold Profits Daily updates in case you missed any of our team’s insights and recommendations.

Week in Review

Monday, March 18: In this week’s Market Talk, Paul Mampilly and Ian Dyer spotlight Tesla’s latest move to shake up the traditional car-buying market in Tesla’s Mid-Priced SUV Will Be Incredibly Popular. Paul notes that innovative companies like Tesla are at the heart of Bold Profits plays and a key reason the team’s Disruptification Index of forward-looking firms is outpacing the S&P 500 Index. Ian also notes consumer confidence is on the rise and March marks the 11th month in a row where there have been more open jobs than unemployed workers — two pieces of great economic news. Click here to watch.

Tuesday, March 19: Paul Mampilly explains why Fintech Is the New World of Money. Paul talks about the phenomenal opportunity of fintech — the new world of digital money, finance and banking — for Bold Profits investors. Click here to watch Paul’s video and for his recommendation on getting in on this trend.

Wednesday, March 20: Amber Lancaster tells you how to Invest in the New Smart Home Market. Amber notes the growing popularity of a “new world” of smart-home automations that connect household devices (such as kitchen appliances, lights, doors and HVAC systems) via an internet or Wi-Fi connection. Click here for Amber’s best bet to take advantage of the investment opportunities in this growing field.

Thursday, March 21: Ian Dyer spotlights the many ways Subscriptions Disrupt Industries Across the World. He explains that subscription-based innovators are well-established in the United States already, but that emerging markets of the world still provide huge opportunities for newer businesses. Click here for Ian’s recommendation on how to dive into this trend.

Friday, March 22: Nick Tate explains why 2019 is shaping up to be the biggest year for biotech breakthroughs and investments, partly because of advances in gene therapies, in Dollars and DNA: 2 Ways to Play Biotech’s Biggest Year. Nick gives his take on two opportunities in the genetics revolution that help you do well financially, while also doing good in terms of public health. Click here to read the article.

Until next week,

Your Bold Profits Team

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