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Tesla Buys Bitcoin – Should You?

Tesla Buys Bitcoin – Should You?

Tesla’s #BOP on bitcoin!

By investing in the crypto, it set our 2021 America 2.0 predictions in motion.

I can see why Tesla is IN.

Bitcoin is on a roll. It’s gone up 4X in a year’s time. But a lot of you are asking me: “Did I miss the boat on buying in?”

I’ll tell you exactly what’s going on for bitcoin and the world of crypto. See my take and what you can do today to invest in this game-changing America 2.0 move:

Tesla Buys $1.5 Billion of BTC – What it Means

So you all know the big news. Tesla has purchased $1.5 billion of BTC. So in today’s Bold Profits Daily I want to talk about BTC. I want to talk about what I believe is going on, what I believe is going to unfold and recap some of the predictions I have laid out.

What is going on with BTC? Why is it now more than $40,000? I saw a tweet from someone who said if you went back to last year’s Super Bowl, BTC’s price was $9,300. So it’s gone a little bit more than 4x in just one year’s time. What is the reason? What is going on?

Why is this digital asset being bid up? If you go through our YouTube videos you will see we have been tracking BTC for a while. Ian Dyer and I talk about BTC pretty much every single week on the Iancast. If you are subscribed to this channel you know every Friday we give an update.

If you go back, you will see there’s been a series of steps that has led to this. I believe there is a series of steps that is eventually going to lead to even higher prices. Let’s track back and look at some of the steps that led to this. If you go back and look, last year BTC had something called The Halving.

Go back and look at the videos if you want to know what I’m talking about. The people who mine BTC use computers to work out a puzzle and their reward is BTC. The reward was halved. It went from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC. These Halvings have a critical element: they reduce the amount of new BTC that can come as supply.

BTC’ Limited Supply

That is one of the most critical elements of this. BTC is the ultimate demand and supply asset. Its supply is permanently fixed at 21 million coins forever. Right now it’s estimated that about 18.5 million of these coins have been mined. “Mined” is the word that is used in crypto for programmed or decoded.

Nonetheless, mining is the word that’s used when you actually go and earn BTC by using computers to solve the puzzle. So 21 million that can ever be mined, about 18.5 million mined. Then you have to do a few hand waving calculations.

When BTC started in 2009, most people had no idea it was going to become what it is today. It’s an asset that is worth $800 billion. It started with a value of nearly nothing. It’s estimated that perhaps as much as 4 million BTC are gone, disappeared.

Nobody really knows where they are because some of the early BTC was put onto hard drives and other computers and people have lost the keys or have no idea where those computers are.

The actual supply of BTC is even more limited than 18.5 million. It may be as little as 14 million. The supply is capped permanently and even what is out there may be a lot less than what is computed. Let’s say it’s 14 million. That’s a small supply.

BTC’s Global Demand

Then there’s the element of demand. When you look at BTC it is, by its nature, a global asset. You can be in any country, whether it be India, Nigeria, Argentina or Cuba and as long as you have this string of code which represents your keys, you can own BTC.

By its very nature it’s global. That makes its demand global. That is exactly the way it has unfolded. BTC has always been something people around the world have gone about using without anyone telling them how to do it. If I wanted to send you BTC I could take my phone and just do it.

It would be there in a few minutes. Then you can go use it. Sell it, get your native currency and go buy things. It’s a global asset and the demand is global. Many places around the world have no currency that can hold any value. In places like Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela or where I come from in India.

I can tell you one of the things that was a huge challenge for my father when he was saving — my father is dead now, but when he was alive I remember him struggling to think of where he was going to leave his savings so when he was older he could use it.

The world’s currencies, for the most part, are junk. People complain about the U.S. dollar, but the U.S. dollar is by and large the best currency of its kind available. This is why so many people store their money in U.S. dollars.

The vast majority of currencies around the world are used by governments to fund their particular preferences. The inflation level is so high that, on average, in the seven to 10-year range, all their purchasing power is gone.

The Need for Finite Currency

There is a real need for a finite currency that can act as a store of value that governments can do very little with. BTC around the world has really captured the imagination of people and people’s desire for an asset they can use. That belief, desire and conviction is what drives its value.

You can go to many places around the world where people are increasingly saving their money in BTC. They prefer it over the old version of a store of value, which is gold. BTC is more divisible, it goes out to eight digits. It’s more portable. You can take it in a phone or a small chip if you had to.

It’s also more finite than gold. The 21 million is the maximum. People have accepted this as digital gold, I believe. The demand is pouring in from around the world. Those same ideas that make people want to store their value in BTC is what is driving demand from much larger investors.

This includes some large companies. A company called MicroStrategy has put nearly $1 billion in BTC. Tesla has now put $1.5 billion into BTC. Square, another company in the United States, has put something like $150 million in.

I imagine that Tesla announcing they have put this much money into BTC is going to make every CEO, CFO of every major company around the world think perhaps they too should do it. This comes to the second element of it. Ian and I have been talking about it for a while.

We have felt there is going to be a broadening of demand from a retail and individual audience to a much bigger audience of companies and then, I believe, countries. Right now Tesla is putting $1.5 billion in and these are just companies.

However, I made a prediction that some country around the world is going to give up on the idea that they can actually maintain a currency, issue a currency that can hold value and will simply adopt BTC as their official currency. With that, they would have certain benefits.

There would be no inflation. People would actually trust the currency in place. There’s many benefits to being on a crypto standard. Money moves very fast. I can send money like that [snaps fingers]. That’s a huge benefit.

The cost of sending money from one place to another is prohibitive. Go look at Western Union or MoneyGram. They will charge you an arm and a leg to send small amounts of money from the United States to any country in the world. You can do that with BTC for a tiny amount of money.

There are cheaper ways to do it with other forms of crypto. So the speed, cost and efficiency of using BTC is much greater. In turn, it creates even more demand for the currency. I have said my prediction is I believe BTC is going to be at $250,000 sometime in the next one to three years.

I believe it can go higher than that, but I want to stay conservative with my prediction. That is based on a number of scaling models that I have seen which consider the things I have mentioned. You have this asset accepted around the world as having value because of the role it can play because of the qualities it has.

Then you have, at this point, very early scale demand that’s beginning to take off. Right now there are only six or seven companies that have exposure to BTC. What happens when that goes to 70 companies or 700 companies or 7,000 companies?

Then you’ll have banks around the world start to collect it as part of reserves for their countries. How high can it go? It could go a lot higher that’s for sure. At least in my opinion. This is why we have been telling our folks across our publications to buy BTC for a while.

We have had exposure to BTC with a stock tracker in the Profits Unlimited portfolio. If you are interested in Profits Unlimited, it’s my flagship service. We focus on America 2.0 assets, Fourth Industrial Revolution assets, which includes BTC and Ethereum (ETH).

We have exposure to cryptos in that portfolio. So if you are interested in it, is a page that will give you details on how to subscribe. It goes for something like $48 or $99 per year.

There are a lot of people thinking, “Have I missed the boat? Can I still get in? Is it still worth buying?” In my opinion, BTC has a lot more to go. It can go way higher for all the reasons I mentioned before. All the reasons associated with the limited supply and all the reasons why demand is just beginning to explode higher.

I will say this: BTC has astonishing volatility. It can drop 20% or 30% at any given time. That’s because there’s nobody managing the BTC market.

If someone decides they want to dump a lot of BTC in, that price is going to be cheaper. So there is going to be volatility. Nonetheless, I believe the upside can be huge.

If you are interested in our regular commentary on BTC, ETH and the emerging role of cryptos, as well as America 2.0 and Fourth Industrial Revolution stocks and opportunities, check out


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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