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Telemedicine 63X! Stay IN Your Stocks

Telemedicine 63X! Stay IN Your Stocks

Here’s the thing.

If you’re looking at stock prices fluctuating every day, you’re going to be disappointed.

But if you look at facts like this: “63-fold increase in telemedicine.” You can see why we’re in these America 2.0 stocks.

I posted this in our Slack channel yesterday:

telemedicine 63x growth

There’s a reason we’re in our stocks for long-term gains — one to three years minimum.

These mega trends are changing the world.

Day-to-day swings will not matter to you down the road.

You have to endure this moment with Strong Hands. You have to look ahead at the facts — all the growth — to see big gains are coming!

See why it pays to stay in:


This week I am sure you will be wanting an update on the stock market, our stocks, crypto. I am just going to begin with a fact I found out yesterday. Even today after reading it many times I am still blown away by it. Let me get it here so I get all the numbers correct.


Watch The Folds! 

You’ll see why I am bringing this up. I read this yesterday and it comes from a government report. It’s not being made up. This is an actual, verifiable fact. Medicare, which for those who are unaware, is the government program for folks who are 65 and over.

Between 2019 and 2020 the number of Medicare visits conducted through telemedicine increased from 840,000 to 52.7 million. That’s a 63-fold increase. We went from 840,000 telemedicine visits using Medicare, remember these are folks who are 65 and over, to 52.7 million.

840,000, 52.7 million — 63 fold. Why am I bringing this up? If you are looking at stock prices every day, and I know many people do, and you are constantly awaiting higher stock prices, you are going to be disappointed. Stock prices fluctuate up and down. What we are looking at is long-term gains.

On any given day, you could pick a period in time when stock prices are down. Lots of research shows more people are inclined to check their accounts when prices are falling. Also, people check their accounts when prices are peaking. We tend to go at the extremes.

It makes us want to react to it. By focusing on facts like what I began with where there’s a 63-fold increase in telemedicine, just tells you the size and magnitude of the opportunity that we are invested in. Remember, we are long-term investors focused on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and America 2.0.

Telemedicine is going up 63 fold. The reality is, if you went and checked the number of Zooms going on it’s probably 100 fold. If you look at the amount of molecular testing to get the correct diagnosis it’s probably the same thing.

You can do that for so many different categories of activity, businesses that are participating in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and America 2.0. However, it does not mean you won’t go through a period like what we’ve gone through this year.


Is The Market Right For You?

Post the COVID crash we had a period of tremendous optimism as it became clear we are going in a different direction.

It’s clear whether you are using Zoom every day working from home, using telemedicine, considering an electric vehicle, looking at any number of potions with respect to new ways of doing things, or considering buying into crypto, it’s 100% clear that the world going out from here is going in a different direction.

It means we are going to see more and more of all the things we are invested in — Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, crypto, 3D printing, the emergence of space where we will be making things in space and we are looking to become a multi-planetary species.

We can look at AI and the promise of it. Autonomy. I would tell you if you are focused on day-to-day and wanting to see your accounts rise every day, the stock market is the wrong place for you. A savings account, even with its meager rates, is probably more appropriate.

It’s someplace where your money sits still and you are getting a small but fixed return, and it’s safe. Our stocks, the Fourth Industrial Revolution stocks, America 2.0 stocks, they will be volatile. I guarantee it. They will be volatile. They will swing up and down any time investors feel the growth is not going to be there they will panic.

Any time people feel like they should take something off the top. There are many big investors invested in our stocks and if they go to sell all at once, they will drop it down. However, I can say the best times to invest are when you feel badly about things.

However, the vast majority of people will tend to invest at the highs. If you look at right now what’s going on, my colleague Ian and I did an IanCast where we talked about contrarian indicators. The number of 52-week lows is a contrarian indicator.

We have gone through something like nine months of range-bound trading, but that doesn’t do justice to what has happened to our stocks which have dropped by 30%, 50% and, in some cases, 70%. And they are all growing their businesses by 15%, 20%, 30%.

The outlook is for even better because their solutions are being adopted. Their solutions represent the future. Truthfully, their solutions are the only way forward. Then it’s just a matter of time. Do you have the patience to stay in these stocks knowing their future is bright, their business is growing, they are going to be the stock market superstars of the future?

You do have to endure through this moment where every time you go to look at your account it’s making you feel bad and making you want to do something. In all likelihood, that’s to sell because people tend to go with their moods even though everyone understands mathematically if you buy at lower prices you will get higher returns.


Let’s Have A Recap!

Bottom line to making this video is that if you go and look at the facts — 840,000 Medicare users in 2019, nearly 53 million in 2020, a 63-fold increase. Do you want to be invested in a 63-fold increase to get the benefit of what is going to come for businesses that are participating in that level of growth?

That’s America 2.0. That’s the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The only way to get it is to be strong hands as I like to tell our subscribers. You have to hold on. You have to be willing to hold through these periods of volatility. Hang in there. Go and look at any big stock market winner.

There were ups. There were downs. Some of them were huge. However, the only folks who got those humungous returns are folks who stayed in. I know your moods are probably down, but I want to say I am very bullish, optimistic, positive. I am BOP.

When I look at the facts and what is going on with these companies, the growth, the size of the opportunity and look forward and think, ‘Where are we going?” Are we going forward into a world with more telemedicine? Absolutely yes. Are there going to be more Zoom sessions?

Absolutely yes. Are we going to go see more molecular diagnostics? Absolutely yes. Are we going to see more gene-based medicine? Absolutely yes. That is true for 3D printing. That’s true for photonics, and every sector we are invested in through the Fourth Industrial Revolution and America 2.0.

I just want to say I know it’s been a tough year because we started with these high expectations driven by high prices. Now we have given up these gains and people say, “What’s even the point?” The point is to make big money over time. We are never going to have a period where we are going to have every day, week, month or year be positive.

However, if you can hang in there, be strong hands, be BOP, big things are coming. That’s my video for this week. I’ll have another video for you next week. Until then, this is Paul saying bye.

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Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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