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The Fed Wants You to Be Poorer

The theory of the “wealth effect” says that people feel more financially secure when asset values are rising. That makes them more likely to spend. Ergo, if you want people to spend less, asset prices must fall. That’s a risky proposition. But with inflation running at the hottest pace in four decades — and with the gridlocked federal government about as effective as a wet paper towel — the Federal Reserve is taking that risk. As I’ll show you in just a moment, this gamble could have devastating consequences for Americans’ hard-earned wealth. But you don’t have to take it on the chin. Here’s how to make your wealth increase … even if the Fed does its worst.

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Pandora Papers Bombshell: One U.S. State Hides Billions

The news has been awash with details from the “Pandora Papers,” leaked secrets of the world’s super-rich. But one revelation wasn’t news to me. After all, I’ve published books about asset protection. That tidbit? That the biggest tax haven in the world is the United States! In today’s video, I reveal how unassuming South Dakota became the world’s leading place to hide wealth … fairly earned or not.

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