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The Signal From Junk

That happened fast. Just 15 trading days for the S&P 500 to hit correction territory (at least on an intraday basis) last week, making it one of the fastest in history to kick off a new year. That’s a bit concerning on the heels of a mostly calm 2021, where the S&P 500 barely registered a 5% decline. Does this sudden burst of volatility tell us something about the stock market? Are we now careening over the edge and staring into a bear market abyss? Before you assume that 2022’s bad start is about to turn into something worse, lean on history to guide you.

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Market Crash Game Plan: REITs vs. Tech Stocks

Rising COVID cases. Soaring inflation. Potential interest rate hikes. Any one of these could trigger a sharp market correction. That’s why this week Ted Bauman and Clint Lee are talking once again about hedging your portfolio. They identify three conditions that have turned the U.S. stock market into the proverbial “mousetrap” ready to spring. But have no fear: Ted gives six compelling reasons why REITs are the ideal “Plan B” against a potential FAAANM stock crash.

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Disney and PayPal Disappoint: Time to Prepare for the Worst?

And just like that… investors are getting nervous again. High-flying stocks such as Disney and PayPal disappointed on earnings and pulled the market down last week. Whether the volatility lasts or not, it’s a good reminder that you should always have a plan B when it comes to investing. In today’s video, Ted and Clint give you six strategies to hedge against a market correction so that you can stay ahead no matter what.

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