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Powell’s Fed Flirts With Recession

In the first Matrix movie (1999 vintage), a black cat crossing a hallway triggers a case of déjà vu for Neo. It was a sign that something was amiss … and that things were about to go downhill fast. Now I’m having my own episode of déjà vu … and maybe you are too. Because it all sounds too familiar. COVID striking the heart of a key industrial hub in China. The Chinese government locking down millions of citizens to prevent the spread even further. The cascade effect goes on to wreak havoc on supply chains, disrupting key ports and shipping activity. That’s not a recap of 2020 … that’s the latest news from this Sunday.

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The No. 1 Lesson From 2021

No, I’m not talking about Christmas … which is only three days away, according to my youngest son’s daily update. It’s the arrival of investment outlook guides. Whether it’s email or snail mail, I’m receiving several every day this week, each divining what 2022 has in store. I thoroughly enjoy these pieces, especially hearing how other predictions may conflict with my own forecasts for the year ahead. But something is missing. Before jumping into predictions, I wish there was more reflection on the year we’re about to complete. After all, you can learn a great deal reflecting on these experiences … whether it’s about yourself or your investment process .And as I look back on 2021, I keep arriving at one simple theme.

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