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How I Survived the 2008 Market Crash…

How I Survived the 2008 Market Crash…

It’s like when you’re in an airplane and turbulence hits… 

 You feel helpless. But if you have a good pilot and you have a good plane and the mechanics are working, you know you’re going to get through to the other side.  

 There’s nothing else for you to do except sit there and wait with Strong Hands.   

 Just like the stock market… 

 We get it! Holding during a downtrend is TOUGH!  

 Especially when you see recession rumors everywhere.  

 But what are you going to do? Sell low, then buy high? NO! 

 Take it from Paul Mampilly and Charles Mizrahi. 

These guys once ruled Wall Street but left to help Main Street investors like you. They’ve seen it all — multiple crashes, recessions and bear markets. 

 They can tell you how they survived the worst (especially in 2008). Learn this lesson from them so you don’t have to experience it firsthand.  

 Now is NOT the time to sell your stocks out of fear. 

Don’t miss out. Watch to see how Paul and Charles survived and how you will too: 

Start Looking Ahead or You’ll Miss the Opportunities

Investing is the only arena where the less you do, the higher your chances are of winning. 

That’s because if you have the conviction to hold your stocks, fear can’t shake you. You’ll ride this downtrend back up to the top! 

In fact, here’s what we’re watching now as the shift back to America 2.0 has already started:


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