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Subscription-Based Stocks Are the Next Netflix, Spotify and Amazon

Subscription-Based Stocks Are the Next Netflix, Spotify and Amazon

Not long ago, being a “subscriber” meant paying an annual fee for a newspaper or magazine to be delivered to your home or email inbox.

Not anymore.

Today, more people subscribe to digital TV, music and other online retail services than newspapers or magazines combined.

Millions more.

It’s all part of what we here at Bold Profits call the S-economy — S as in subscription — a key driver of the growing e-commerce industry.

You already know the giants who planted the first flags in this new economic world: Netflix, Spotify and Amazon.

But did you know you can also subscribe to services for food (Blue Apron), makeup (Ipsy), skincare products (Birchbox), men’s grooming merchandise (Dollar Shave Club) and even clothing (Stitch Fix)?

And that’s just scratching the S-economy surface.

The subscription e-commerce market has grown by more than 100% annually since 2012, Forbes reported last year.

Most subscribers are those online-savvy millennials, of course. But other generations — older and younger — are also getting in on the act.

And those numbers are sure to grow as the S-economy takes flight.

S-economy innovators are defined by a key characteristic of the companies we focus on at Bold Profits: They’ve all taken something we all do every day — watch TV, listen to music, shop online — and made it easier, cheaper and more convenient.

In this week’s Bold Profits Daily, we pinpoint some key players capitalizing on this trend and other e-commerce innovations — and how you can profit from them, too.

Week in Review

Monday, March 11: Paul Mampilly, Amber Lancaster and Ian Dyer explain why The Subscription Economy Continues to Dominate in this week’s video Market Talk. When Spotify recently entered the Indian market, 1 million subscribers signed up in the first week, Paul notes, adding: “It does shows you the power of the subscription economy.” Amber adds that subscription-based companies like Spotify are key drivers of the Bold Profits Disruptification Index, which is beating the broad markets more than 2-to-1. And Ian predicts the S-economy will skyrocket in the years ahead, citing huge recent gains by food-industry and media-streaming services. “We’re very bullish on this part of the economy,” he notes. “There are a lot of different opportunities to invest.” Click here to watch.

Tuesday, March 12: Paul Mampilly digs deep on another digital trend that has propelled e-commerce operations and the S-economy in Bitcoin Bull Market: 3 Reasons It’s Coming. Paul identifies three behind-the-scenes factors that signal cryptocurrencies are poised for huge gains, and how to get in on this trend. Click here to watch.

Wednesday, March 13: Amber Lancaster reports Augmented Reality Is Growing 70% a Year, largely fueled by the rise in e-commerce. Click here for Amber’s first-person account of using a smartphone app to visualize how to redecorate her home, and for her best bet on an investment opportunity.

Thursday, March 14: Ian Dyer highlights why Food Delivery Is a Huge Hit With Millennials. He identifies market leaders in the food-service segment of the S-economy that cater to younger Americans who are short on time but big on convenience. Click here to read Ian’s report and learn about a company that’s sinking its teeth into the food-delivery market.

Friday, March 15: Amber Lancaster welcomes a new writer to our weekly lineup: Special Interview: Nick Tate Joins the Bold Profits Team. Beginning next week, Nick — Bold Profits’ senior editorial manager and a best-selling author — will spotlight game-changing opportunities in biotech and health care every Friday. He will be your guide to the latest breakthroughs that are changing modern medicine — and great investment opportunities to get in on those advances. “In his mind, health and wealth are closely linked,” Amber notes. “As he puts it: ‘You really can’t enjoy one without the other.’” Click here to read the interview.

Until next week,

Your Bold Profits Team

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