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STUF’s 479% Gain + 4 NEW Buys for 2021

I’m calling STUF a hit.

Last year, I came up with an acronym to share some of my top stocks from Profits Unlimited with you.

The stocks from STUF (Spotify, Tesla, Uber and Facebook) could have made you a 479% equal-weighted gain!

STUF Stock Returns 2020

But I’m ready to put a new foot forward today.

For 2021, I’ve created a brand-new acronym — four trades for Bold Profits Daily readers that have even more potential to surge in America 2.0.

I’m calling it (drumroll): BUZZ!

Check out this week’s video to collect your four new recommendations that make up BUZZ:

Our STUF Stock Gains in 2020

Today I have two big announcements. One is on our STUF portfolio. The second is the coming of a new portfolio with a similar setup with an acronym. First, let’s talk about STUF.

The big news on STUF is we are calling it. We are ending it. STUF as of today is now recorded in the history books. It’s done and dusted and here are the results.

For those of you who are unaware what STUF is, it’s a mini portfolio we put out there so — just being truthful — to get more folks to subscribe to our channel and be interested in Bold Profits, which is our free e-letter, and Profits Unlimited, our newsletter those goes from anywhere between $49 and $99.

We put this mini portfolio out to show you the kinds of ideas we focus on, how we think about and the kinds of results you might get. STUF was put out there July 9, 2019. We are now going to call it. Between July 9 and now, Spotify — the S in STUF — is up an amazing 74%.

Tesla is up a beyond belief 1,739%. Uber is up 28% and Facebook is up 74%. For those of you wondering why we are ending STUF it’s because we have decided to sell Facebook out of our Profits Unlimited portfolio. STU is less compelling than STUF.

This was a good moment to end it. We can say the STUF portfolio, if you followed it from the beginning on July 9, 2019, to today if you equal weighted it would have made you an astonishing 479%. The S&P 500 was just up 28% in the same timeframe.

It was a very worthwhile thing. While the remaining stocks are still in our Profits Unlimited portfolio, we are going to move to a new mini portfolio. We are going to hope for equally good results, perhaps even better results.

Introducing BUZZ Stocks for 2021 Profits

Today we are going to introduce my new acronym portfolio for Bold Profits for you to follow along or maybe you will consider investing in it. With that, let me announce it. The new acronym we are going to be following to replace STUF for 2021 is BUZZ. This one is going to be mixed with a new things I am incredibly excited about.

B – Bitcoin

That begins with the B in BUZZ which is Bitcoin (BTC). That’s right, the B is for Bitcoin. The reason to put Bitcoin is because I believe Bitcoin prices are heading significantly higher. If you are watching me on the Iancast you know Ian Dyer and I talk about Bitcoin and crypto all the time.

We have big predictions out there for Bitcoin. My personal prediction for Bitcoin is that I believe it can get to $250,000 over the next one to three years. That’s based on a number of models that consider the demand for the currency and the supply, which is locked at 21 million.

That’s the essence of why I put Bitcoin into BUZZ and tell you it’s worth some amount of your investment dollars. There is a world of demand for this very finite, very divisible, very portable digital currency.

It’s an excellent store of value that can replace gold and so many of the currencies around the world where people are looking to take their hard-earned money and put it in something that can maintain its value. Just understand, the vast majority of the world has far worse currencies than the dollar or pound or established currencies of the world.

Those currencies in many developing nations — and I used to live in India — I can tell you those currencies are always on a track to zero on a seven or ten-year basis. Bitcoin is a real, very good alternative for them. I believe this is going to draw a lot of people to want to buy it.

There’s a limited supply. When unlimited demand meets limited supply, I believe the price can be significantly higher. That’s the basis of putting Bitcoin into BUZZ.

U – Uber

There’s one stock in common with STUF, which is Uber Technologies Inc. (NYSE: UBER). The reason we are going to keep Uber is because it never fulfilled the promise we wanted when we put it in STUF. I’m willing to give it a second try. The reason to put Uber in the portfolio is that it has fixed its business model.

Before, it was a little confused. It owned access and patents to all this autonomous technology. They were developing air taxis. It was all very confusing. Today, they have sent all those units off to specialist units and they have equity stakes in them, which is good for them.

Now they are focused on just doing one thing: Using their technology platform to really coordinate and manage transportation options, which over the next one, three or five years are going to be increasingly autonomous. They will still need coordination and the Uber platform is the way to do this.

It’s going to do this with regular drivers that currently transport people and food. However, in the future we are going to have autonomous taxis on that network and flying taxis on that network. We are also going to have drone trucks and other autonomous transport.

Uber will be the central platform by which all of this is coordinated. I believe this is going to make its stock soar higher. This is the reason why we left Uber in the portfolio and why it’s the U in BUZZ.

Z – Zoom

We have the B, which is Bitcoin. We have the U, which is Uber. Now we have the third one, which is Z for Zoom Video Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: ZM). Zoom is the platform I am using to record this video. Zoom is also the platform the vast majority of kids in the United States are using virtual schools.

Our amazing colleague, Amber, uses it to attend virtual church sessions. People are using it to visit their doctor, talk to their friends and family. In other words, this is a platform that is ubiquitous, meaning it’s everywhere. My history with platforms, technologies and services that are ubiquitous is that they tend to be extraordinary stocks.

They end up becoming verbs like Google. There was a time when Google was like Zoom, it was ubiquitous. Yet its stock price had not yet reflected that. This is the opportunity you have with Zoom.

This is a technology, product or service that is used by everyone everywhere and it is still very early days in terms of how often it can be used, how much it can be used and how much it can help people who use it and also help the company earn money, which would increase demand for its stock and soar it higher.

Z – Zillow

This is why Zoom gets a spot in BUZZ. What’s the last one? We have B, which is Bitcoin, U, which is Uber. The first Z, which is Zoom. And the last Z is Zillow Group (Nasdaq: ZG). Zillow, for those of you who are unaware, is the dominant technology company that serves the real estate market.

It is, at first, digitizing real estate listings and the way you look at a home. We are early in this revolution. Over time, I expect Zillow to introduce a number of innovations such as virtual reality, augmented reality, holograms and all kinds of additional services.

That can be layered on its current platform where they are already doing many things to add value to real estate listings, giving you information about a home, giving you information about the interest in the home, connecting you with buyers and connecting you with sellers.

However, this is very early days. My colleague Tamara follows the housing market. We are expecting a massive digitization of the real estate market, particularly the residential real estate market, which is ripe for disruption and change. The number on buyer of homes today is the millennial generation.

They want digital solutions. They are comfortable with digital solutions. They use Zillow in huge numbers. The number of virtual seeings is skyrocketing. The number of people buying a house without ever visiting is skyrocketing. Zillow is one of the critical factors. We expect this to continue, which is why Zillow goes into our BUZZ portfolio as the last Z.

Just to recap, BUZZ is our new acronym portfolio. Our team is going to put together a report, which we will give folks for free. What we hope is that you will then come back, subscribe to this channel and follow our team as we update you on BUZZ and the themes in BUZZ:

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, the development of autonomy and robotics and drones and 3D printing through Uber, the virtualization of so many things we do today through telepresence like Zoom and finally the radical alteration and digitization of something we all participate in which is the buying of real estate or the living in spaces.

That is BUZZ. Four amazing, incredible stocks for you to consider. Please subscribe to Bold Profits Daily, which is our e-letter, if you want to get a notification when we finish our report. Then, we will make sure you have access to it.

That is my Bold Profits Daily for this week. We are calling for the end of STUF, which is now done and dusted, and for the beginning of BUZZ.

Remember these trades are a glimpse at our Profits Unlimited model portfolio.

So please be sure if you’re a Profits Unlimited subscriber to follow all of our action items for your trades that we send in our alerts and weekly updates.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

Editor’s Note: Every year, Paul releases his top picks for the new year. Last year, he released his STUF trade to Bold Profits Daily readers. In today’s video, Paul created a new trade for you … a glimpse of the stocks in his Profits Unlimited open model portfolio. He believes the opportunity for these new 2021 trades could be HUGE.

Why? These are America 2.0 plays! Those at the forefront of this economic upgrade will reap massive financial rewards. In fact, citizens from every edge of our great nation — from farmers to doctors and from 10-year-olds to 100-year-olds — will have the chance to profit. Click here for the details now.

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