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Today’s Reader Feedback is a lesson in market patience — just a little patience, yeah — and a dive into biotech, Nio, Facebook and oil. Apocalypse Someday, Nio Nerves and Forgetting Facebook
by Joseph Hargett November 5, 2020 Great Stuff
Market Apocalypse Now? Welcome to Great Stuff’s Reader Feedback day. This day is all about you our loyal readers. We answer your questions — market-related or not — and indulge in your rants. Why? Because Great Stuff has the best readers of any financial rag on the internet. It’s why we call you the Great […]
4 Reasons No One Catches Tesla (4-minute read) In the race to dominate the EV market, Tesla’s decadelong head start looks insurmountable.
Are We In a Bubble? 1999 vs. America 2.0 Markets This is a crossing of the tides and from our perspective, something very different is happening in the markets. See where your portfolio stacks up.
Your Pick-and-Shovel Play for 2020
by Ted Bauman January 15, 2020 Bauman Daily, Real Estate, Stocks
[4-minute read] Boring? Yes. Sexy? No. But this could make you rich.
Voting Protects Our Rights and Ourselves We all should be concerned about the continuing destruction of our rights. All who qualify should vote to protect our rights and ourselves.

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I am up $20,070 in closed positions from Feb. 18 through March 7.

- Bob Rowe

I started your system in December … I am ahead $29,000 … I put total faith in you and your system and it has worked for me very nicely. Thanks again I sure like your humble approach about this whole thing

- Dale Leiffer

I have made a little over $4,000 while being cautious.

- Chuck Goss

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