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3 Ways to Avoid the No. 1 Investment Mistake Starting in late 2018, Apple shares dropped 33% in three months. Short-sighted investors panicked and sold. The smart ones hung on. As of today, they’re up 258% since it hit that bottom. That just goes to show how critical it is that you never let short-term price action dictate your long-term investment strategy. In today’s […]
Hold Strong Paws (Hands) for 909% Gains! Now more than ever, it’s important to remember this lesson. It pays to hold Strong Hands or Paws — literally! Like the massive triple-digit winners we have now.
Inflation and strong U.S. jobs data JCS meme small Great Friday: Joyous Jobs, Inflation Fears & Eggcellent EV Deliveries
by Joseph Hargett April 2, 2021 Great Stuff
Blessed Are The Cheesemakers My mind is clearer now. At last, all too well, I can see where the market soon will be. If you strip away the pandemic from the plan, you will see where we all soon will be. A little Jesus Christ Superstar for your Good Friday edition of Great Stuff. We’re […]
Small Rick Astley meme for Reader Feedback Hydrogen Worth Waiting For, Critical MaaS & The Big Bear Scare
by Joseph Hargett April 1, 2021 Great Stuff
Wait For It … Wait For It! It’s that time again, Great Ones! Time to spin the Wheel of Morality? Unfortunately, no. But I do appreciate the Animaniacs reference. No, it’s time for Great Stuff Reader Feedback! And there was much rejoicing! Thank you. Thank you! As Great Ones know, Reader Feedback day is the […]
Most Bullish Scenario for Your 2021 Stocks All signs point to a healthy economy. And we have the makings of the most bullish scenario you could ever have for the stock market.

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