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happy labor day - challenging investing 3 Important Reminders
by Angela Jirau September 6, 2021 Bauman Daily, Investing, News
Happy Labor Day to you. Hopefully you are enjoying some time with friends and family. The markets are closed today and our team is enjoying a much-needed break. So, instead of your regular Your Money Matters video today, let’s revisit three of our most useful videos to help you navigate one of the most challenging investing environments we’ve ever seen.
Bilbo why shouldn't I keep Hyzon meme small Mr. Mojo Hyzon, Not So Fine Cytodyn-ing & Covered Calling Cards
by Joseph Hargett August 12, 2021 Great Stuff
Helluva Hydrogen Hullabaloo It’s that time again, Great Ones! To send away for the free brochure? To make bubbles with our spit? To make wildly inaccurate predictions about the stock market? No, you Animaniacs … though, that last one wounds me a bit. It’s time for Reader Feedback! Today is the day we dig through […]
When Volatility Strikes, Search for the Rational Move When Volatility Strikes, Search for the Rational Move As the market fell apart on Monday morning, I couldn't help but think of the time I witnessed a shooting in the Pentagon.,..
stock market profits How to Use Pullbacks for Profits What you should — and shouldn’t — do now.
picking stocks chest game 2021 How We’re Picking Stocks Right Now Compared to last year, 2021 has been a different beast for stock pickers. The market enjoyed a definite direction in 2020 — at least after the Corona Crash in March. Practically everything went up. The trick was to identify stocks likely to go up faster than others. This year’s market has lacked direction. The overall […]

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"I went all in with $310,000 and a year later, my portfolio was at $425,000. This I would have never accomplished with mutual funds, I will be following your research for the rest of my life thank you Paul and the team."

- Karl A.

"You told me to ignore the noise on Wall Street. And thanks to you, I started towards the end of 2016 with $200,000 in my account and I recently put in an extra $100,000. [As of February 2019] My account is worth $500,788! I would’ve missed out if I followed conventional wisdom."

- Helen C.

“I started with $215,000 in Nov. 2018, It is now over 800,000. So very happy with Banyan Hill Publishing.”

- Larry K.

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