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Latest Insights on AMC

Big Brother … but Big Opportunity [4-minute read] Like it or not, in the fight to reopen the economy we will lose some privacy. Buy this ticker so at least you can profit from it.
Wall Street expects a significant economic rebound after the “Great Reopening.” But can we really just flip a switch and return to normal? Make America Confident Again; Musk’s No-Diesel Legal Weasel
by Joseph Hargett May 11, 2020 Great Stuff
Confidently Overconfident It’s one thing to be confident, dear reader. It’s another thing entirely to be blindly overconfident. Today, we saw Wall Street give a pause to last week’s massive rally, following one of the most devastating monthly U.S. jobs reports ever. It seems that more than a few analysts are starting to realize just […]
The U.S. economy just shrank for the first time since the financial crisis. There’s a mantra for times like this: The stock market is not the economy. U.S. Shrinkage, Box Office Trolls, Boeing Blows
by Joseph Hargett April 29, 2020 Great Stuff
Country Jerome and the Fed And it’s a one, two, three … what are we buying for? Don’t ask me, I don’t care a wit; next stop is a bull market. And it’s a five, six, seven … open up the pearly gates. Well there ain’t no time to wonder why, whoopee! Stocks are gonna […]
Don’t let this market play you for a fool. She don’t show no pity. She don’t make no rules. The Great Gilead Gaffe; P&G Earnings Are No Laugh
by Joseph Hargett April 17, 2020 Great Stuff
Friday Four Play: The “Fool in the Rain” Edition In the evening, when the day is done, I’m looking for market sanity, but the girl don’t come. So, don’t let the market play you for a fool. She don’t show no pity. She don’t make no rules. Last night, I scanned the market headlines before […]
earnings season Earnings Season Survival Guide [3-minute read] How you can evaluate an earnings season in a bear market unlike any we’ve ever experienced.


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