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Amber’s Macro Monday — TSLA and 5 MEGA Trends to Watch As an investor this is what you need to watch for as part of America’s tech-focused future.
South Korea and Iran report COVID-19 outbreaks, but it was Italy’s news that truly sank Wall Street. Wall Street’s Italian Job; Gilead’s Gilded Lead
by Joseph Hargett February 24, 2020 Great Stuff
The Kings of Wishful Thinking “I’ll get over you; I know I will. I’ll pretend my ship’s not sinking.” — Go West Don’t look now, but we have our first major COVID-19 outbreak in a Western country. Italy announced over the weekend that the number of confirmed coronavirus infections spiked to 230 patients. In response, […]
Blacklist: 3 Most Dangerous Stocks to Own in America 2.0 America 2.0 is going to create huge investment opportunities. But in order to create something new, something old has to give.
I have no idea if the CoronaCoin is a real thing, but I’m simultaneously disgusted and intrigued by the idea. CoronaCoin? Maybe Not; Dropbox Like It’s Hot
by Joseph Hargett February 21, 2020 Great Stuff
Friday Four Play: The “Crypto Goes Viral” Edition To paraphrase Dr. Ian Malcolm, “Capitalism, uh, finds a way.” If you’re not familiar with the great Dr. Ian Malcolm, he’s the chaos theory mathematician from 1993’s smash hit Jurassic Park. And the nifty little cryptocurrency I discovered this morning is nothing short of chaos. Say hello […]
coronavirus market rally You Can’t Afford to Miss This Cheap-Money Rally Investors banking on a coronavirus dip are going to be disappointed. Markets are rallying on the “silver lining” of the outbreak. Anthony Planas shares two ways to get in on the rally before it is too late.


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