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Latest Insights on THO

Gold Stocks Are Cheap In Current Bear Market
by Anthony Planas February 13, 2018 Gold, Precious Metals
By 2015, investors had stopped paying attention to gold miners. However, those same investors will be flocking back to this sector soon. Here’s why…
Washington Economic Storm Washington Is Creating a Perfect Economic Storm
by Ted Bauman February 12, 2018 U.S. Economy
Thanks to our representatives in Washington, we face a future of higher interest rates, a falling dollar and falling stock prices.
Market Panic 2018 The Market Panic Is Over. Here’s What’s Next
by Chad Shoop February 12, 2018 Economy
On January 1, I wrote that a market panic was likely in 2018. So, with one prediction already fulfilled, I write you again with a new prediction for 2018.
Market Warning Sign Market Breadth Indicators Just Flashed a Warning Sign
by Michael Carr February 12, 2018 Economy
Breadth indicators measure how many stocks are participating in a price move. They aren’t as popular as momentum indicators, but they are more useful.
escape 2 Key Ways to Sidestep the Sell-Off
by Jessica Cohn February 10, 2018 Trading Strategies
Market breadth has turned negative, so here’s what to do…

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- Matt

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