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bond prices declining The Great Convergence Smacks Wall Street
by Martin Weiss February 7, 2018 Bonds
The Dow was down over 1,800 points in two trading days. What's next?
One tool many large firms use is the advance-decline line indicator. This tool helps to gauge whether or not we are headed for a bear market. The Advance-Decline Line Bear Market Indicator Warns Us Before a Market Crash
by Michael Carr February 7, 2018 Stocks
This happened before bear markets that led to losses of 50% or more in 1972, 1999 and 2007. It also happened before the 1987 crash.
stock market meltdown Measuring Stock Market Momentum Using the Relative Strength Index
by Ted Bauman February 5, 2018 Stocks
Sometimes, momentum is a bad thing … too much of it suggests the market may be irrationally optimistic. History suggests this is one of those times.
Buying stock from Duke Energy, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based utility company, is an ideal way to play the dip in the utilities sector. Win Big When This Hated Sector Rebounds This sector has dropped more than 12% since mid-November. I’ll explain why it looks primed to rally, and the best stock to use so you can benefit.
In the 20th century, economists argued capacity utilization above 85% sparked inflation. But, as the chart shows, the U.S. economy changed in the past 50 years. Capacity Utilization Chart Shows More Good News for Stocks
by Michael Carr February 5, 2018 U.S. Economy
The Federal Reserve is watching closely for signs of inflation. But until inflation actually appears, now is the time to buy stocks.

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