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The Pitfalls of Corporate Tax Reform
by Ted Bauman February 6, 2017 Taxes
A few weeks back, my father, Banyan Hill’s own Bob Bauman, took me to task for something I’d written in Sovereign Investor Daily (not for the first time, either). I’d said, in regard to the American tendency toward harsh judicial punishment, that “we like it that way.” “Who’s this ‘we,’ Lone Ranger? Count me out, […]
Oh Snap! - The Power of Millennials and the Snapchat IPO Oh Snap!
by Jocelynn Smith February 3, 2017 Stocks
During the dot-com boom, IPOs regularly shot to triple-digit gains in their first day of trading. Now most fall dismally flat. But millennials’ interest in Snap could break this IPO rut.
Lately, I notice a new word popping up in companies’ investor presentations: “millennials.” The New Power Behind Today’s Stock Market
by Jeff Yastine January 17, 2017 U.S. Economy
Lately, I notice a new word popping up in companies’ investor presentations: “millennials.”
Inflation Blowing Up the Dollar Inflation: Blowing Up the Dollar No one talks much about inflation anymore. But if you’re completely in cash, you’ll lose it bit by bit, a little one year, a lot in others. And it’s all because of inflation.
why 2022 is not the worst economy ever The Need for Yield in a Recession: What Does That Mean for Us?
by Chad Shoop August 5, 2016 U.S. Economy
The U.S. economy limped along in the second quarter solely on consumer strength. Will that strength return for the third quarter and avoid a recession? Don’t hold your breath.

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