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Apple and Tesla: Is Either Worth Buying? [11-min. video]. Is the market irrationally valued? Is Apple? Is Tesla?
Netlfix on a Tablet Why Netflix Options Are a Better Buy Than NFLX Stock Streaming TV giant Netflix reported earnings on Wednesday after the market closed. It crushed analysts’ estimated earnings per share (EPS) by 41%. The market was thrilled — and it rewarded the stock. Shares were up 8% on Thursday morning. That’s fantastic! If you owned 100 shares of Netflix, your $28,628 grew to $30,449 overnight. But as great as that surge was … Netflix investors could have made even more money.
Turkey, trade and tariffs tank the market rally. All Hail the American Consumer: Largest Black Friday…Ever.
by Joseph Hargett December 2, 2019 Great Stuff
Manufacturing a Crisis After logging their biggest monthly gains since June, the markets showed a bit of fatigue today. Maybe it’s tired traders returning from the long holiday weekend. Maybe it was all the turkey. I know I’m still feeling overstuffed after the Thanksgiving break. It would be nice if these were today’s main market […]
After not getting a $2 trillion valuation for Saudi Aramco, the compnay took its ball and went home. Lowe’s Train Leaves the Depot; Saudis Go Home & The Bearish Barrage
by Joseph Hargett November 20, 2019 Great Stuff
First World Problems? Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year. This past month, the Saudi Arabian prince and head of state-owned Saudi Aramco learned that his newly minted initial public offering (IPO) was worth way less than he expected. Despite protests that he hadn’t even taken […]
Walmart breaks through the Halloween wall. Brace yourselves. Christmas is coming! Trade War Update; Amazon Spends Big; Christmas Is Coming
by Joseph Hargett October 25, 2019 Great Stuff
Friday Four Play: The “It’s Way Too Quiet” Edition If you’ve been following the Great Stuff Trade War Cycle chart, you know that we’ve been stuck at “No progress is made” for about two weeks. There have been no major headlines. No tweets from President Trump. Nothing. It’s been unusually quiet … almost too quiet. […]

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