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Great Stuff is all for “Rah-rah, go U.S. economy!” … but somebody needs to tell it like it is. Divining Dow Headlines; Bob’s Your Uncle at Disney
by Joseph Hargett February 26, 2020 Great Stuff
Getting Sentimental on the Dow Ever have one of those mornings when you read headlines from the major financial publications … and you nearly spit your coffee all over? I had one of those this morning. I watched as the headlines trended from “Dow Rallies 250 Points in Recovery Rally” to “Dow Rallies 200 Points” […]
Jerome Powell doesn’t believe in directly funding the U.S. government, which is interesting when you consider that’s exactly what he’s doing. The Fed Shells; Shopify Excels; Lyft Smells
by Joseph Hargett February 12, 2020 Great Stuff
The Fed’s Shell Game Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell just finished back-to-back meetings with the House Financial Services Committee and the Senate banking committee. It was exciting stuff … let me tell you. Kind of like watching paint dry. It’s no wonder the financial media are still focused on the Wuhan coronavirus and the market’s […]
China’s back, and the bears are gonna be in trouble. Hey la, hey la, China’s back. Iran’s Gone, Game On; Bed Bath & Buh-Bye
by Joseph Hargett January 9, 2020 Great Stuff
Bull Market: Game On! So, the latest Iranian conflict turned out to be a great big nothing-burger. We had an Iran War Cycle for about 48 hours, and then the whole thing was over. R.I.P. my nifty little chart. Today, Wall Street’s new hotness is the partial U.S.-China trade deal. You thought that was all […]
When my indicators say buy, I buy. I hold until the indicators say sell. I guess I think about stocks differently than many investors. This Stock-Picking Strategy Won a Nobel Prize  When my indicators say buy, I buy. I hold until the indicators say sell. I guess I think about stocks differently than many investors.
Earnings Letdowns and Surprises: 3 Stocks in the Spotlight
by Jocelynn Smith July 9, 2019 Great Stuff
Let’s take a closer look at a retailer, an airline and a steel company.

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