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So far, 34 of the 500 companies in the S&P 500 (I feel there’s a “well, duh” joke in here somewhere) have released their quarterly reports. Of those 34, 29 topped analyst expectations, according to The Earnings Scout. Apple’s $399 iPhone SE 2; Roku Queues up Apple TV+
by Joseph Hargett October 15, 2019 Great Stuff
Thank God It’s Earnings Season! I don’t know about you, but I’m so tired of reading about China, trade and Trump tweets. If I had to write about tariffs one more day in a row, I’d gnaw my fingers off. Today, we have corporate earnings. Glorious corporate earnings. Well … mostly glorious. So far, 34 […]
Big players are leaving Facebook’s libra cryptocurrency in droves. It’s time for real crypto investing advice. The U.S.-China Trade Deal Bamboozle: There is No Trade Deal
by Joseph Hargett October 14, 2019 Great Stuff
You’ve Been Bamboozled Something is bothering me, dear Great Stuff readers. I feel you’ve been done a disservice by the financial media after Friday’s trade-deal love fest. So, to make things painfully clear, let’s just put this on the table now: There is no trade deal. I know, I know. You were told on Friday […]
Things got crazy on Wall Street today amid conflicting Chinese trade reports. I think we broke the trade cycle chart. China’s Wild Ride; Netflix Remains on Top; Costco Sells Out
by Joseph Hargett October 10, 2019 Great Stuff
President Trump: “But Do I?” Boy, did I jump the gun on the Chinese fire drill reference yesterday. Wall Street has literally been running around in circles all day due to conflicting reports surrounding the start of U.S.-China trade negotiations. First, we heard that there was no progress in the negotiations at the deputy level […]
If hope for a partial China trade deal is why markets are rallying, I have sorely overestimated Wall Street’s intelligence. Wall Street’s Chinese Fire Drill; Roku Upgraded; Fitbit Leaves China
by Joseph Hargett October 9, 2019 Great Stuff
Wall Street’s Chinese Fire Drill The needle on the “Trade War Cycle” moved again this morning. After yesterday’s heavy sell-off on trade fears, did you really expect anything less? The major market indexes are up just shy of 1% as of this writing. Traders are reportedly rallying around news that China will accept a partial […]
TSLA Downgrade — Seriously?! Tesla just delivered a record 97,000 cars last quarter. JMP Securities Downgraded the company. What is going on?! Ian Dyer cuts through the Wall Street/Media manipulation and shows you the demand for the car and the stock.

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