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Apple Desperately Needs a Revolutionary New Product
by Joseph Hargett June 22, 2018 Technology
Once filled to the brim with genius ideas and revolutionary products, Apple has not released a breakthrough product in more than a decade.
The Metal of the Future Is Ready to Take Off Man’s love affair with this metal began over 5,300 years ago. However, it’s our high-tech future that will bring about a bull market that no investor should miss.
The Rise of Digital Payment Apps is Causing the Dollar to Decline Payment solutions firms are working to make cash a thing of the past. We can make 30% this year by investing in this cashless revolution.
Stock Buybacks Keep Managers From Destroying Wealth
by Michael Carr April 17, 2018 Economy
Several weeks ago, I concluded that rewarding shareholders with buybacks and dividends is the best choice. Now, I want to explain why the other choices both destroy wealth._
This Natural Resource Uptrend Is Unstoppable The next big natural resource story isn’t some exotic metal like cobalt or palladium. It’s much more simple and important.

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