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This Overhyped Semiconductor Stock Is Headed for a Drop All in all, everything looks rosy for the chips sector. There is one caveat, however, for investors in one extremely popular semiconductor name.
Invest in Solar: Fastest-Growing Source of Electricity
by Jeff Yastine March 6, 2018 Investing
The amount of solar power produced by America’s utilities companies rose by nearly 47% in 2017. But there’s even more profitable news to this picture…
I believe you’ll start to see that this once-great American company has peaked and that the Apple stock price is ready to decline. AAPL Stock Is Doomed
by Paul Mampilly March 1, 2018 Stocks
Apple is doomed. And 2018 is the year where I believe you’ll start to see that this once-great American company has peaked and is ready to decline.
Buying stock from Duke Energy, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based utility company, is an ideal way to play the dip in the utilities sector. Win Big When This Hated Sector Rebounds This sector has dropped more than 12% since mid-November. I’ll explain why it looks primed to rally, and the best stock to use so you can benefit.
I’m a cynic at heart. Despite my excitement, I had to ask myself … is the hype for Spotify stock really worth it? So today, let’s take a detailed look at this IPO to find out. The Largest Tech IPO of 2018 Is Overhyped Let’s see why Spotify might not be worth the buzz quite yet…

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