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e-commerce sales beats amazon Retailers’ E-Commerce Surge Shows They Can Beat Amazon If the recent results trickling in from the world of retail say anything, it’s that a smart, well-run retailer can compete against Amazon — and win.
Southern Copper Investment Southern Copper’s Emerging Mining Investment
by Matt Badiali December 10, 2018 Precious Metals
Mexico’s incoming government threat of changing the mining laws has exacerbated the mining sector’s decline. And changing the rules mid-game is a huge risk for mining investors.
Four Stock Market Sectors to Be Cautious About – Chad Shoop
by Chad Shoop July 30, 2018 Investing
I have written recently on how bullish I am on the stock market. But right now, there are four sectors that you don’t want to touch for several weeks.
Real Estate: Argentina’s Hidden Gem Argentina’s Hidden Gem
by Jeff Opdyke January 11, 2017 Real Estate
Comfortable living in a beautiful part of the world. Quiet and peaceful. Golf weather year-round. But that’s not the big reason why you should consider owning real estate in northern Argentina.
Op-Ed: Thoughts on The Current Election Race From Former Senator Long the least popular of branch of the U.S. government, Congress has — deservedly — hit new lows in recent years, and a new book by “Congressman X” sheds a cold light on Washington’s rotten interior.

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