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The Super Bowl indicator's accuracy is impressive, but some analysts will incorrectly claim it’s meaningless because they don’t understand how it works. The S&P 500 Taps This Team to Win the Super Bowl
by Michael Carr January 17, 2018 Stocks
There’s a reason the Super Bowl indicator works. And since it does work, that means we can even use the stock market to predict the Super Bowl.
What the Midterms Showed Us Is Gerrymandering a Threat to Democracy? The U.S. Supreme Court's upcoming decision on gerrymandering could have a major impact on future U.S. elections. But will it really change anything?
Put Power in Your Passport Put Power in Your Passport
by Jessica Cohn January 28, 2017 Offshore Solutions
Even though your U.S passport holds vast weight, it’s not actually the most powerful one out there. In fact, it’s tied for third with other countries. So, who’s on top and why?
Brexit Spells Ruin of EU, Strife for U.S. Brexit Spells Ruin of EU, Strife for U.S. If Brits vote to leave the EU, the repercussions will leave behind damage and destruction … particularly in America, where the Brexit vote will plague the U.S. economy by way of the dollar.
Europe What Wall Street Is Missing - Spain Europe: What Wall Street Is Missing
by Jeff Opdyke May 4, 2016 Global Economy
As the second largest member of the PIIGS pack, Spain was much reviled. But the country has rebounded despite anti-austerity bloviating. So much for Keynesian doomsaying …

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