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Privacy and the Ghost in Your Machine Privacy and the Ghost in Your Machine
by Jessica Cohn February 11, 2017 Privacy Invasion
Did you know your house is haunted? Well, it is if you bought a certain popular smart TV. This “ghost” captures 100 billion personal data points a day, and that info is up for sale.
America’s New Inflation Problem America’s New Inflation Problem
by Jeff Opdyke February 1, 2017 U.S. Economy
The U.S. economy is being steered by black swan president and economists with isolationist views. It’s an environment that breeds inflation and screams: “Buy gold!”
Market's roller coaster Most of Wall Street Is in Agreement, Which Is a Bad Thing
by Michael Carr January 18, 2017 Stocks
Markets rarely perform as everyone expects them to do. I believe we’re in for an amazing roller coaster ride in 2017, and if you like trades that deliver quickly, you’ll want to be a part of it.
European Union The EU Meltdown
by Jeff Opdyke December 7, 2016 Gold
The European Union is headed for meltdown with the failure of the Italian referendum vote. Many votes are still ahead and this spells trouble for U.S.
Hello Technology, Goodbye Jobs Hello Technology, Goodbye Jobs
by Jeff Opdyke November 16, 2016 U.S. Economy
As the Internet of Things takes over, it will do more than provide convenience. It promises to steal nearly all existing jobs. Without change, this is bad news all around for pretty much all of us.

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