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Great Stuff 5-24-2019 T-Mobile Pulls a Fast One; Amazon at $3,000?
by Joseph Hargett May 24, 2019 Great Stuff
The Friday Four Play No. 1: T-Mobile + Netflix On You While the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice are battling it out over whether T-Mobile USA Inc. (Nasdaq: TMUS) and Sprint Corp. (NYSE: S) should be allowed to get married, the “Big T” is pulling a fast one. T-Mobile’s Netflix On Us […]
Sunday Night Just Got Boring
by Joseph Hargett May 21, 2019 Great Stuff
It’s over. It’s finally over. Game of Thrones, the most-watched (and most-pirated) TV show of all time, came to an end this past Sunday night. The show won awards, made stars out of directors and actors alike … and made it okay to sit on the couch with your significant other for an hour or […]
Can Tesla Investors Handle the Truth?
by Joseph Hargett May 20, 2019 Great Stuff
Tesla Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA) is in trouble and could really use its own Lt. Daniel Kaffee right now. Investment firm Wedbush analyst Dan Ives just issued a “code red” on the electric vehicle (EV) maker, citing a host of concerns. We were going to ask Wedbush for an interview, but we have deadlines to keep. If […]
Avoid Comcast’s Mega-Merger Meltdown
by Joseph Hargett June 15, 2018 Economy, Trending
The Department of Justice has cleared the way for mega mergers, but for one company, it’s looking like a very bad deal.

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