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Nvidia Nike NFT Metaverse Matrix Red Pill Blue Pill Meme Nvidia’s Gonna Give It To Ya, Ford’s Lightning Bolts & Topps Of The Class
by Joseph Hargett January 4, 2022 Great Stuff
The One-Stop Future Shop Great Ones, welcome to Great Stuff’s Picks 2022 edition part two. Yesterday, I dove headfirst into my predictions for which stocks are gonna rock 2022 in a blaze of glory. If you missed my first pick … first, shame on you. Second, click here to read all about Advanced Micro Devices […]
tesla model s plaid hypercar electric vehicle Tesla’s New Electric Hypercar Can’t Keep Up There’s an electric hypercar that’s even faster than Tesla’s Model S Plaid. And it’s made by a company you’ve probably never heard of.
post-pandemic stock market My No. 1 Goal — Now, in 2022 and Beyond (2-minute read) The overall buying frenzy in the markets has pushed prices to extreme levels. And when prices become detached from reality, look out below…
Harry Potter Hogwarts Feast EXF Supercycle Meme Simmer-Down Sunday: The Supercycle Begins
by Joseph Hargett December 19, 2021 Great Stuff
Something Extreme This Way Comes This is it, Great Ones! The homestretch of the holiday season. Don’t get cold feet now — and watch out for any dementors, grinches and ghosts of Christmas past getting in the way of celebrating. Wait wait wait, how in the world is Harry Potter a holiday movie? It … […]
Great Ones Omicron Earnings Home Alone Meme Simmer-Down Sunday: Hair-Raising Holiday Hooplas
by Joseph Hargett December 12, 2021 Great Stuff
Home Alone For The Holidays? Not when you have Great Stuff to keep you company! Well, us and the incessant notifications from Robinhood telling you: “Hey, hey! All your travel stocks are down! Oooh, now they’re down some more! Did I mention bitcoin is down too?” Some of this volatility is to be expected. Between […]

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