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Is the High-Growth Tech Trade Back On? We saw a big turnaround in the markets on Friday, May 7, in response to surprisingly poor job numbers. That begs three questions: Has this year’s market action really been all about fears of inflation and an overheating economy? Given the uncertainty around federal infrastructure spending, are we going to see a reversion to growth […]
I’ve been researching the history of asset price bubbles, from tulip bulbs to bitcoin.   3 Signs We’re in a Bubble … and 4 Potential Pins That Could Pop It I’ve been researching the history of asset price bubbles, from tulip bulbs to bitcoin.  
As Stocks Stumble, Buy These 2 Commodity ETFs We’re in the early innings of an important regime change — transitioning from a deflationary to an inflationary environment. That can make it hard to find winning stocks. But one clear beneficiary of this shift? Commodities. In today’s video, Ted and Clint show that certain commodities are about to stage a comeback, which ones in […]
4 Stocks to Profit from Tech AND the Recovery Two stock stories dominate the headlines right now — tech and the economic recovery. Both of these paths could provide big gains for investors in the months ahead … but you must know where to look. That’s why, in your latest installment of Your Money Matters, Ted and Clint share their top pick for each […]
Bitcoin $350K — You Asked, Here’s Why Bitcoin is like a gateway into crypto. And right now, there’s a new crypto-economy forming — everything from bitcoin to blockchain to DeFi platforms.

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