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Latest Insights on BTI

Maximize Risk-Adjusted Returns With REITs Why this asset class could be just what your portfolio needs right now.
Beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum: The Hidden Crypto Opportunity What the heck is bitcoin anyway? A currency? Commodity? Security? No matter how you classify it, one thing is for sure … bitcoin is a very big deal. So big, in fact, that even if you don’t own any, it can still impact your portfolio — as evidenced by last week’s decline. In today’s video, […]
4 Picks to Beat This Wild Stock Market No matter what goes on in the S&P 500, there are always ways to come out ahead. In today’s video, Ted and Clint analyze the market to bring you four ideas to help grow your wealth through all this uncertainty. The general trend has been to undermine valuations of the stocks that led the rally last […]
Is the High-Growth Tech Trade Back On? We saw a big turnaround in the markets on Friday, May 7, in response to surprisingly poor job numbers. That begs three questions: Has this year’s market action really been all about fears of inflation and an overheating economy? Given the uncertainty around federal infrastructure spending, are we going to see a reversion to growth […]

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