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Latest Insights on SBUX

A lack of storage sent oil prices negative. They’re practically paying you to take oil right now. That’s bad, in case you were wondering. Oil Be Back … With Fake Pork and Coke
by Joseph Hargett April 21, 2020 Great Stuff
The Reverse Beverly Hillbillies Have you ever wanted to own your own barrel of oil? You know, just for funsies? Well, you are in luck! Due to pandemic lockdowns, plunging demand and a lack of storage space — the price of crude oil plummeted to the low, low price of about $1.25 today. Heck, 10-year-old […]
Our Experts’ Free Weekly Options Trades — Have You Made These Trades? Volatility continues, but this week it's upward! That still creates a lot of uncertainty for many investors. Luckily, our options experts are prepared to share their research for making money in any market direction. Kristen Barrett highlights a brand-new weekly feature that brings options trading to every one of our readers.
Bonus Options Trade – Starbucks’ Loss Can Be Your Triple-Digit Gain It feels like I’ve cooked dinner 395 times this month. That’s a line from a “quarantine diary” entry. And it highlights the do-it-yourself movement from a nationwide lockdown. Well, it isn’t just dinner that’s become do-it-yourself again. That’s going to hit a lot of industries. But one in particular is the café experience that Starbucks […]
don't panic about the coronavirus The Markets Are Dropping … but Don’t Panic [12-minute video] The real reason the markets are moving so dramatically.
Wall Street realizes that it might have … maybe … perhaps … possibly overreacted to the coronavirus outbreak. Kung Flu Crazy; Borg Assimilates Delphi; Apple Cooks up Earnings
by Joseph Hargett January 28, 2020 Great Stuff
Kung Flu Crazy Another day, another virus story. Are you sick and tired of the “kung flu” yet? (Editor’s Note: If you’re sick and tired with the kung flu, please seek medical attention immediately.) After getting the sweats yesterday, the market appears to feel much better today. Much like you when you’re out of sick […]

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