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Latest Insights on WTI

Prepare for more “get tough” rhetoric and a market dip as the trade war cycles on. Walmart Soars, Disney+ Roars and Trade Tears Pour
by Joseph Hargett November 14, 2019 Great Stuff
You Better Stop, and Look Around… Here it comes. Here it comes. Here comes your 19th market breakdown. Oh, who’s to blame. These trade talks are just insane. Last Friday, I warned that President Trump was getting tough on trade with China once again. Following a week of speculation on tariff rollbacks, Trump made it […]
Great Stuff 9-10-2019 Gold Goes Digital; Tesla’s Asleep at the Wheel
by Joseph Hargett September 10, 2019 Great Stuff
Gold Goes Digital Move over, Jed Clampett. Black gold — Texas tea — is so yesterday. Gold is going digital. Cryptocurrency issuer Paxos just announced the launch of PAX Gold, a regulated gold stablecoin. For the newly initiated in cryptocurrency, a stablecoin is a cryptocurrency backed by a “stable” asset or basket of assets, such […]
Great Stuff 8-14-2019 Averting the Trade War on Christmas
by Joseph Hargett August 14, 2019 Great Stuff
Averting the Trade War on Christmas I knew there was another reason for the delayed tariffs that I overlooked. The real reason. Yesterday, I riffed on the “Pavlov’s dogs” motif when talking about the market’s reaction to the tariff news. You know, the news that the 10% tariffs on Chinese imports would be delayed until […]
XOP ETF Is Up 33% Since December — Now Is the Time to Buy On November 12, 2018, Matt Badiali wrote that weak Iran sanctions and oversupply would doom oil prices. In this article, he discusses oil prices, which have climbed since. He shows you how to take advantage of this oil rally. (3-min read)
Oil Prices Are Rising — Buy Into VanEck Vectors and Alerian ETFs Matt Badiali recommended these two plays on oil in the past two months, and they are making money right now. Don’t worry if you missed them. With oil prices moving up, you have time to get in now and continue to ride the trend higher.

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