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Latest Insights on DASH

Bear Market arrived 3 ETFs That Could Confirm a Bear Market Has the bear market officially arrived? For some, it arrived last year. And most of us just didn’t realize it. The average stock price has been pummeled since then, and in certain segments it’s worse.
This Momentum Indicator Would've Saved You From a 35% Crash This Momentum Indicator Would’ve Saved You From a 35% Crash This indicator reminds Mike of his time coding missiles. As prices rise and fall, momentum shifts — and watching it can mean major profits...
The Fed's Lying. Here's How to Find the Real Inflation Numbers The Fed’s Lying. Here’s How to Find the Real Inflation Numbers The Fed doesn't want you to know this. According to market data, REAL inflation is much higher than 8.5%...
Crypto bears watching crypto investors get gains Scooby Doo meme Simmer-Down Sunday: The Sultans Of Crypto Swings
by Joseph Hargett April 17, 2022 Great Stuff
You Gotta Have Crypto Faith You smell that, Great Ones? No, that’s not napalm in the morning. That’s the outrageous odor of crypto gains! ‘Course, you can’t have your crypto gains without the obligatory crypto bears chiming in with their pessimism … which is also why we’re here today. Name a better combo than a […]
This Indicator Saved You From the COVID Sell-Off. Now, It's Bearish This Indicator Saved You From the COVID Sell-Off. Now, It’s Bearish This volatility indicator, based on Mike Carr's time as a coder in the military, is issuing a warning... much like it did in February 2020.

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