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Something of a chemical engineer myself hydrogen power meme Fusion’s Fascinating Future & Wall Street’s Wild Expectations
by Joseph Hargett February 25, 2022 Great Stuff
Friday Feedback: The “From Fuel Cells To Fusion” Edition Welcome back to “The Greatest Show in Finance!”™ Great Ones! Literally no one calls it that. You realize that, don’t you? Hey, don’t spoil my fun! Who am I? Why, I’m your host, Mr. Great Stuff. And today, we’re answering your stock market maladies, your investing […]
Russia invades Ukraine What Russia’s War Means for Your Investments Russia's invasion of the Ukraine is official. With tanks in the street, sanctions set to fly and Russia's stock market in free fall, Ted Bauman takes a moment to zoom out and look at the bigger picture for your portfolio. Today's video covers Russia's motivations for going to war, the likely outcome for global commodities prices, and how you can safely grow and protect your wealth as history unfolds in Eastern Europe.
Technicals Work, Just Not the Ones You're Using Technicals Work, Just Not the Ones You’re Using If you're watching the same technicals as other traders, you don't have much of an edge... Try charting this indicator instead.
Don't understand buying Apple products too afraid to ask meme Apple’s $124 Billion Cult of Personality, PLUG-ing Back in & An EV Road Trip
by Joseph Hargett January 28, 2022 Great Stuff
Friday Feedback: The “$124 Billion Question” Edition Great Ones, I don’t cover Apple (Nasdaq: ) much at all. And there’s a reason for that… I don’t like Apple. I don’t like its walled garden App Store. I don’t like how Apple software and devices don’t play nice with my Windows-based laptops and PCs. I don’t […]
profit from sector rotation Ted’s Plan to Profit From Sector Rotation In today's video, Ted shows how rapidly rising interest rate expectations are driving massive rotations in the stock market. He explains the concept of “duration” and predicts the magnitude of these shifts. But the news is not all bad. Every rotation has an upside as well. By adopting a simple Big Picture-based trading system, Ted shows how you can make Big Profits in 2022.

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