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Latest Insights on TSX

2020 Stock Forecast 2020 Forecast: Grab Double Digits Now to Start the Year Right The first in our special 2020 Forecast series: A prediction about junior mining and cannabis stocks. Matt Badiali looked at one index’s performance over the past five years. The double-digit profit potential is clear.
After not getting a $2 trillion valuation for Saudi Aramco, the compnay took its ball and went home. Lowe’s Train Leaves the Depot; Saudis Go Home & The Bearish Barrage
by Joseph Hargett November 20, 2019 Great Stuff
First World Problems? Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year. This past month, the Saudi Arabian prince and head of state-owned Saudi Aramco learned that his newly minted initial public offering (IPO) was worth way less than he expected. Despite protests that he hadn’t even taken […]
Junior Mining Sector investing The Market Is Dead Wrong About the Junior Mining Sector The stock market hates the junior mining sector right now. Conservative investors think these tiny stocks are too risky — even with growth opportunities not too far ahead. Matt Badiali discusses his prediction for this hated sector. (3-minute read)
How to Evaluate Junior Miners’ Cash and Dilution A 42% drop in mining shares may be a good indicator that it’s time to sell.
Southern Copper Investment Southern Copper’s Emerging Mining Investment
by Matt Badiali December 10, 2018 Precious Metals
Mexico’s incoming government threat of changing the mining laws has exacerbated the mining sector’s decline. And changing the rules mid-game is a huge risk for mining investors.

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