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stock market dismantle How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, Stock-Market Style
by Ted Bauman October 12, 2021 Bauman Daily, Investing
In a Bauman Daily article a few weeks back, I talked about the danger of assuming that the future would be just like the present. The human brain is wired to do exactly that. Our survival as a species depends on our ability to learn from experience. And recent experience leaves the strongest memories. But […]
Pandora Papers Bombshell: One U.S. State Hides Billions The news has been awash with details from the “Pandora Papers,” leaked secrets of the world’s super-rich. But one revelation wasn’t news to me. After all, I’ve published books about asset protection. That tidbit? That the biggest tax haven in the world is the United States! In today’s video, I reveal how unassuming South Dakota became the world’s leading place to hide wealth … fairly earned or not.
Now's the Time to Be Bullish on Facebook Now’s the Time to Be Bullish on Facebook After its worst outage in over a decade, Facebook's stock dropped 4%.... but Chad Shoop says it's time to be bullish on the tech stock.
Robinhood market sell-off Godfather massacred my market meme small Mr. Market’s Massacre, Gimme Seltzer Shelter & Norwegian’s Sea Shanties
by Joseph Hargett October 6, 2021 Great Stuff
Whole Lotta … Red? Great googly moogly, we’re really doing this sell-off thing, huh? The market needs coolin’ and honestly … today, we’re just foolin’ around, finding the fun stuff amid the market massacre. If you’ve kept up with Great Stuff recently, I don’t need to send you back to school to know that today’s […]
stock market chart Sell the Stock Market Is it a stock market or a market of stocks? That philosophical question has a way of stirring up heated debates among analysts. The former resonates well with investors that prefer to buy and hold the broader market, like through an index fund. The latter believe that active stock picking can beat the indexing approach. The truth is that both approaches work, but only under the right conditions.

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